Thursday, March 12, 2009

Short-Lived Luxury

*(I should have posted this yesterday but the crippling slowness of Streamyx in my area has frustrated me a lot)*

How would you feel to enjoy a short-lived luxury?

Awkward question, you say? Or is it, you haven't experienced one yet?

Well, I did. It happened around last Wednesday on my way to college from home, and it all starts at an unlikely place - the KTM train station.

I swiped my Touch n' Go ticket on the scanner, and looked at the time - It was 12.15pm and the next train to Seremban was arriving at 12.30pm.

As I waited, I was expecting to get on board the usual electric train we've all been familiar of - The noticeable yellow and blue train with its mechanical sliding doors.

Instead, it was this train that came to the station.

It's affectionately called the Delia Meranti but I simply refer it to the 'old Express Train', and it usually passes through stations swiftly. This time, it didn't. It, in fact stopped directly in front of me.

I thought, huh, maybe the train conductor is stopping by to use the toilet or something. But what I really didn't expect was when a train staff personnel behind me (he sneered) asked me whether I'm heading to KL Sentral.

I told him, Yes I do. "Eh, bagus la budak, naiklah tren ni," he replies in Malay. I stared at him, and then I stared at the train. The conductor in the train with his big moustache was eyeing at me. I avoided his gaze, and asked the personnel again:

"Apasal tren ekspress lah ni?"

"Ala, bagi promotion naik tren ekspress, jangan banyak tanya soalan, cepat naik!" he replies again in a hasty manner.

I'm not the only one who was mildly surprised, almost all the passengers in the station were hesitating to go on the train. They, like me, never take the express train before.

So I was the first person who go on the train, and funnily, people followed me inside too. I pulled the door open in the train, and *lord behold* the red large seats with plenty of leg rest are looking mighty comfortable! I instantly grabbed a seat, and I'm not gonna let go of it! xD

The journey onboard the express train.. wasn't that express like I wished... The train was moving just like how a normal KTM train would, only that the air-conditioning is not cold, and the whole train was filled with stuffy diesel fumes. Diesel fumes, man. @_@

Only 30 minutes of a luxurious ride (minus the diesel fumes) for a train junkie like me!


No sooner when I got back home after college at night, I turned on the tv for the news, and this came out:

Two killed while crossing railway track

Wow, it happens just next to Kepong station. There were a couple of times I've seen people who look like Indonesians crossing the mentioned track section, and looks like an accident finally happens.

Ignorance killed them, I suppose.

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