Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nature Camp, Away from the Easy Life

Camping: The art of getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest cold beverage, hot shower and flush toilet.

I guess the quote above is true after all. xD

The past weekend on the 28-29 March, I had been to my college’s Accounting Society Development Camp which took place in the jungles deep between the calm and beautiful cliffs of Ulu Yam, Selangor.

This is the place where we stayed during our 2 days 1 night camp. Supposedly our destination would be the Riverstone Eco Resort but instead, things changed and we got ourselves this place. Still, the Rock Eco Resort was simple and good enough, a camping spot doesn’t need to be luxurious like a hotel, right?

And if you noticed the word ‘Development Camp’, it’s nothing much of a real camp like what you think, rather it’s more towards a motivational camp with simple activities unlike a scout camp, and there ain’t no campfires allowed here sadly.

Our tents right here. All readily assembled for us.

Despite that, I am happy with how the camp goes. I met people who have distinct personalities. And by the way, I forgot to mention, these people are all students pursuing the same Accounting course. And there’s this one person I call him GG who has a thousand and one phobias (He’s scared of junk food, carbonated drinks, pimples, rivers, leaches, bathing in the open, simple exercises and short hair).

Shortly before the trip started, we were assembled in groups of 4, and I was in group 3 together with Man Chun, Yit Woei and more girls. x3

My group 3.

Day 1

After the 2 hour bus ride from college to Ulu Yam, we started off with a quick breakfast and then we moved on to Jungle Trekking. We trekked uphill, through the jungle and downhill, and we stopped by a few stations on the way. We took along some funky ‘fruits of the forest’ and also enjoyed ourselves taking a cooling bath under the waterfall.

However, the defining moment of that activity was when I got bitten by a leach!

Seriously, I thought myself I am that happy go lucky person who wouldn’t get bitten by a leach. But alas, the Fat Lady sings, I got bitten by a leach. I don’t feel any pain at all, feels like kinda an anesthetic being applied while the leach was happily feasting on me. (lol I made it sound like the leach was delighted) I only realized the wound when I pulled up my trousers.. It was the first time I got bitten and I got the manly mark to prove it! xD

After the Jungle Trekking was over, we went on for lunch. Later, it’s time for Treasure Hunt with a pinch of the Amazing Race in it.

The Treasure Hunt was exhausting. We climbed obstacles and hills, we swam in ponds to collect hidden items, taking mock-up pictures, and even sewing a doll. We stumbled behind on the first part of the race because we paid too much attention towards perfecting our doll! In the end, we went to all the stations and the final objective is to collect the alphabets and form a word. Strangely though, we missed an important letter and therefore, we lagged behind. We might not win the Treasure Hunt, but we have high hopes that we can overcome the lack of points in the other games to come!

We also celebrated Earth Hour in camp too! I guess the Accounting Society committee are really indeed showing their support towards caring for Earth too! (and involving us to show our support too, and not being ignorant)

Starting 8.30pm, we gathered at the hall, and counted down the seconds until we turned off the lights.

Seriously, turning off the lights at home is a whole different thing than in a camp next to the jungle! If there were no smaller backup lights around us, the camp will be totally pitch-black.

Luckily, Earth Hour doesn’t goes by dully without an interesting activity mainly about raising awareness on global warming. Our group did an amazing Global Warming Fashion Show, and I credited myself for the fact that I managed to create outfits and accessories using only newspapers, leaves and toilet papers in a record time of 1 hour!

The other groups on the other hand have an abundance of ideas but I could somehow see they lack the time to completely present their ideas. There was a group who has so much energy in their acting, but they did not mention anything about the issue on global warming. Other groups performed lukewarm sketches although they did tried their best to convey the message of recycling and eco-friendliness.

I guess the idea of hosting a Fashion Show with newspapers as clothing materials ROCKS!

Here’s our proud and masculine ‘Iban’ fashion model of the proclaimed ‘Global Warming Fashion Show’! xD Notice the paper crown and jacket, with a stone necklace and a sumo belt donned with leaves.

Oh btw, here's our Steamboat dinner! (Looks like a face o.o)

Day 2

Good morning, it’s time to get up!

On the second day of the camp, we stayed back in the hall for two interesting workshops conducted by Mr. Johnny Chin from the EMSD (Extra Mural Studies Department) back from college.

He was a charismatic speaker who doesn’t stumble on his words. He taught us some basic foundations of drawing up a Mind Map, and also helped us how to be better speaker ourselves – by conquering our fears of speaking in public.

The talk did helped me to speak better, and I loved every second of the workshop. But what I didn’t like was when I got unanimously selected by my group to represent them for public speaking =.=

The first person before me, Jack is naturally confident with his talking ability and fancy the audience with his wild football commenting. Wait, football commenting? Shouldn’t this be public speaking?

The second person, GG, did an honest speech on Leadership, and honestly I couldn’t get to focus myself on every word he said. Maybe he sounded too formal.

The person after me, went on for an enthusiastic talk on Earth Hour awareness.

Me? I stick with the topic I initially picked before called ‘Ambitions’. I don’t know how I did it, but I made the audience listened to me attentively, and to my heart’s content, might have said something right and inspiring, I got claps and cheers from them. And I loved it when I don’t feel nervous at all during the moment of presentation.

Me, making a point in my speech. Man, my contributions to my Career Café website has certainly helped me with my topic ‘Ambitions’.

After some lunch, we got on to the second workshop called ‘Turbo-Charged’. It’s actually a series of four games that mentally challenges each and everyone of us.

The games were wonderful, and we had a lot of fun playing them. There was the Broken Telephone game, Total Recall, Lead the Blind and Charade for the rest.

In the end, we were required to draw up a Mind Map and state what we have learnt when we played these games.

Fortunately, I am good with Mind Maps because I often draw them to make my lecture notes simpler to remember. I draw the Mind Map while my teammates give a helping hand by thinking of points for the map.

And this is the end result:

Thankfully, thankfully, we won again thanks to our Mind Map! D:

This makes it a sweeping victory for Group 3! YAY!

I felt so relieved because our group won, and I never been felt so appreciated for bringing victory for my group.


A couple of hours after that workshop, it was time for us to go back home.

When I was in the camp, I was so occupied with the activities but when I got back home, suddenly I felt aching throughout my whole body! It feel like my body's been in a world of hurt when my brain is focusing on it.

I really need to exercise in order to get my muscles working again. @.@

But I learned an important catchphrase from the camp:

Arises We Shine, Sets We Bind



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