Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4th Sem of College - Here We Come BABEH!

No matter how much I wished, how hard I tried, and how silly I try to wish, my one long month of semester break has finally reached its end.

Looking at the clock above me striking 12AM, I thought to myself, the duration I've spent idling at home reading books, playing on the computer, napping, and even finishing Final Fantasy XII the second time!

I've longed for the holidays not to end. I've never felt so free before, having so much time doing the things I wanted at home without the stress of chasing assignment deadlines.

However, I am also looking forward to starting my new semester in college! Darn, I can't stop thinking whether I'm liking the longer holidays or shorter.

Taking a long look at my freshly printed college timetable.. (and printed an extra copy to stick on the fridge for my worrisome mom to look at)

You can see here I got only three subjects (colored) for this semester. Lots of breathing room here, with an added twist:

1. There are two lectures for Taxation on Wednesday and Friday. This could probably mean something serious - Taxation ain't gonna be easy.. And I hoped the lecturer won't be boring.

2. Business Software Packages are looking to be my favorite for this semester - I will be learning Microsoft Access, a database program that I've never touched or tried at all. Not to forget the 'legendary' Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) is looking like a mighty complex accounting program - note the 3 hour tutorial on Friday.

Another reason I am excited learning MYOB is because Ms. Ng, our accounting lecturer from 1st sem, is back again to teach us!

3. What's gonna be breaking my mood is the fact that I'll be having my Tax tutorial on Saturday! What a pain, this new timetable is coercing me to sacrifice my Saturday napping time.

4. Very predictably, we have a 'culture' among our Group 3 members. We don't favor classes on Saturday. I can easily assume most of my group mates will be replacing on Thursday very soon. And I mean it with the words 'very soon'.

5. The semester only lasts at least a month, which brings to me a hypothesis - We will be bombarded by assignments as early as on the 2nd week, and the final Taxation exam is looming soon, threateningly.

With high hopes, this semester shall go well, and I won't somehow go crazy as class representative.

Now that reminds me why I wanted longer holidays... I hate boarding the packed KTM train again!!

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