Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Curious Case at Times Square

Yesh, it's that time again. To storm Times Square once more! All for the sake to kill the boredom torture =.=

And finally, something really fun after idling at home for the long semester break..

Anyway, I've been out with my usual quirky college mates, and surprise, surprise I got a bit later than them. But wth.. pity the train rider!

Skipping off all unessential details about my train ride, the first thing we do is decide on the movies that we will be watching for the day.

Of course, sweet Thursday has been unmerciful - There has been so many new movies (and the favorite movies still vying for attention).

And at a time like this, it's hard to make a decision on what movie we shall we watching. (Or being with the usual indecisive group has make it harder >.<) The boys somehow are in the mood for horror.. Eden's Lake is their first choice. The girls awkwardly follow with the boys - they stick to horror. Jon and I - are not among the boys, wanted to watch horror. I for one hate horror, although I like watching Resident Evil. But I hate horror shows! >.< The Valkyrie starts off with a good plot - Raising awareness on Stauffenberg portrayed by enthusiastic Tom Cruise on the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler and taking over the Germanian government in order to end the great war and bringing peace their people hoped for.

Not much action or any form of violence you could see here - Something that people above 30 loved to see because they appreciate more of a great story but something youngsters don't see as they hunger for action and big booms.

This movie is all about the serious mind game with one goal in common - To kill Hitler. From start to finish... nothing more, nothing less.

It's a great movie though, something that I look forward to instead of predictable Inkheart. But hm, I prolly give a 6.5/10 for Valkyrie, not too bad, not too shabby either.

Finally, a movie I'm really waiting for since last year. A movie promising a story so curious, so strange, you just gotta see it to see what's all the big fuss all about.

And being chosen for 13 nominations in the Academy Awards (aww man if it reaches up to 14, it'd be in the same position as for Titanic which had 14 nominations in the past). With chances of grabbing awards for Best Picture, Best Actor for Brad Pitt, Best Actress for Cate Blanchett, Best Supporting Actress, Best Makeup, Best Whatever, you name it.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is about *what else* the curious case of how Benjamin Button lives his life - born with old age, and as people grew older, Benjamin grew younger instead. But the truth is, he grows younger on the outer appearance, but inside of him, he ages just like everybody else.

I wouldn't want to give too many spoilers for this movie, but I can give a hint - it is an almost similar to the romance story in Titanic and in the end - both lovers are tied to fate.

Rating? A 8/10 it deserves.

Back home, Mom prepared a dish that I haven't seen and taste before...

Pumpkins with dried prawn sauce.

I call this...

The Curious Case of Pumpkin Taste

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