Friday, February 13, 2009

the PETITE spm cert

After a long two years wait, finally.. finally.. the SPM cert year 2006 has arrived! ...geez =_+"

Just recently, I've went back to my dearly missed Kepong Baru school to retrieve my cert. Some noticeable changes happened in my school, particularly the just newly constructed 4-stories block. It'd be lucky for any students who get to study in the brand new classes freshly painted and touching their new furniture. I even heard there's a new library there too. Wow, thinking about school library, I also missed my days as a librarian too.

I've also met up with my teachers, the ones who taught me when I was Form 3 and Form 5. I breath relief when every teacher I met knew me straightaway. Heck anyway I'm always easily recognizable. Ha ha I even greeted the Principal too. And here comes the worse part.. even the Principal recognize me o_O oh no

(lol the moment I enter the school office... the power went off. What a grand entrance I certainly make)

Back to the cert issue.. I shouldn't really brag about it, but our SPM cert has become really tiny and petite, maybe it has reduced to the size of an A5 paper. Has the Examination Board (more popularly known as the Lembaga Peperiksaan who never fails to bring us miseries as students) been saving up money by printing smaller certs? T_T

Well, at least a small cert looks cute though. I gleefully stared at my cert.. 10A1s and 1A2. Hm.. such a disastrous combo breaker urgh.. but well, I honestly tried my best and I think I deserve these marks for all my troubles studying.

I showed my cert to my teachers, and if you are with me, you could see their proud faces, and beaming with smiles. I even got a teacher telling me she remembered back then when I was a very lazy boy who always 'tembak' in his exam during Form 5, and she was really happy that I got a good grade for her. Oh, what subject, you are asking? It was Add Maths, my weakest subject EVER BABEH!! Without her tutoring and her patience, I never would do better in my Add Maths at all. Thanks a lot teacher T_T

But the one who is proudest of my achievement is my mom.

Although my mom didn't express how she has felt when she saw my cert, I could tell she was happy when I passed it for her to keep. Just look at how she compiles all my certs!

That is why.. I've been studying hard for my mom, and make my family's life much more better. I will continue on doing my best in my studies, even if it takes to 'tembak' every question I see and still continue on my Happy Go Lucky streak xD

I believe students should not make excuses why they could not achieve academically.. Every student just like us, no matter whether we're in school, college, university or anywhere, must have a goal. And to reach that goal, first thing first, try our best in anything we do in our life.

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