Saturday, February 28, 2009

~Career Cafe!~

Almost everyone in the world regardless of age, gender, race or perspective often strives towards the same dream – We are all looking forward to enjoying a better quality of life.

We studied hard to enroll ourselves into a good college or university. From there, we follow our course of study and trying to accomplish our goal by securing a good job.

Some people wanted to work in an industry that pays good, and some just wished for a job that pays enough to bring food to their dinner plates for themselves and their families. Others prefer jobs that encourages social interaction or giving them a chance to help people in need. Furthermore, there are people who just wanted work that gives them a degree of freedom to satisfy their hungry heart for the brand new adventures and challenges ahead.

Yet, we always find it hard to cope with the stress and pressure of attaining our goals – Will our results be good enough to enter the course we wanted or the job we desire? What should we do on the first day of a job, and how can we find a solution to any difficulties we might not foresee in our studies?

We also bear in mind about our perpetual curiosity about the diversity of study courses and careers today. We may ask our friends questions about their professions, for example, what’s it like to work in an engineering field? How does it feel working in an industry heavily dominated by a certain gender? What kind of benefits do one obtain when working in that relative field?

That’s where Career Café comes in. Career Café is newly introduced on March 2009 in collaboration with members from Gforum, with me being the mastermind of this grand project, together with webmaster, Akmal Rizal who helps execute this plan on the online stage to perfection.

Career Café is a platform for readers to satisfy their crave for experience from other participating readers through sharing of information about professions, careers, study courses, and jobs. We serve anything that a café does, except for the food and drinks, that is.

Enthusiasts may volunteer to post in their article(s) about their relative course of study or profession. Everyone is welcomed to join in the Career Café community – whether it’d be students who pursue their studies locally or overseas, working employees & even employers, or career consultants who wished to help guide readers on job prospects.

Career Café wishes to create an atmosphere suitable for each and every one of our readers to assist among themselves, thus bringing forward a win-win situation. Who knows, you might know a thing or two of interest about an industry you might took for granted.

If you’re interested to join in our community, feel free to surf this link and volunteer to be an author in Career Café!

(ps: Career Cafe is still quite new, so we always look forward to more people taking part in this project in the future!)


  1. nice idea. i'm sure will participate whenever i have free time~~

  2. Sure do. Do give me a nudge if you wish to volunteer! D: I am really really looking forward to it!