Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Believe It or Not - The Comics in Politics

As obtained from a Sunday Star article referring to BN's takeover of the Perak state government after 3 Pakatan Rakyat representatives jump off ship and vow support for BN (Sorry, make that four, there's even one more who just quit the party very recently)

And believe it or not - How Anwar Ibrahim reacted: Before and after?

On Aug 19, 2008: Anwar claiming to have the support of enough Barisan MPs to form the new Federal Government.

On Feb 4 2009, Anwar criticising the crossing over of Perak representatives.

ps: Watch your words, Anwar! It gets back at you!

Is PKR mainly serving the interest of the people, or their own political agenda? The confusion continues.

(This marks my return on creating picture comics for my enthusiastic blog readers!)


  1. hye funny stuff lol. nice edit too

  2. OMG! i rarely know bout m'sia politics' news after i came here... T___T

  3. hate politics,coz they are so corrupted nowdays,especially in malaysia,in the gov oso..