Friday, January 2, 2009

Yay!! Our First Place Video! =D

I will just keep it short.

Let me present, our proudest Financial Accounting assignment video! Just a simple 101 tutorial about the concept of goodwill in the accounting world, and we excelled at making it so simple even a layman could understand (well, hopefully)

I put in so much effort scripting, directing and editing the video, not forgetting the well-effort put in my group members Miow, Biiang, MC, Jon and 'we could not have done it if it wasn't for our Drama Queen 'PikaChew' ! xD

We were so excited and happy that our video was so successful and even entertaining, we net ourselves champion in our whole Accounting course. But what made us happier was the fact that all top 3 positions are dominated by our whole tutorial group 3! Yay, big cheers for them!

However, I'm not here just to brag about all this - Other people in our courses have done so hard to get their videos done as well, so cheers to them too.

But what makes our video to deserve a good placing was the fact that we made it different from the normal (and finishing it way before the deadline so as to end the stress asap). We add animations, subtitles, audio voice-overs, music background courtesy of Jon, and a lovable NG part at the end to match. Although I hate to say that our video quality should have been better if Jon's vid cam would have a higher resolution like the other groups... but I don't care less.

Enjoy our 2-part video! And oh, do comment on what you think about the video too =) The video is good, but it still has lots of room for improvement. Hopefully, we would get another chance to do another video directing in future semesters too.

Goodwill in Accounting - Part 1

Goodwill in Accounting - Part 2

If you would like a higher-quality video, you can link it back to Youtube and choose 'Watch in high quality' under the progress bar.


  1. Not bad I would say xD

    Dynamic Movements? xD

  2. 'Dynamic movements?' Wow, nothing that fancy xD Just some simple but effective presentation, I should say!

  3. wahahaha,,kina coOL too!!

    LOL NG is so funny XD