Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008

What a momentous event that was! Simply one of the most memorable events of year 2008.

Comic Fiesta 2008 is the biggest and most massive event ever held in humble Malaysia, very nicely organized in Sunway Convention Centre. I like it better when the event has finally moved to a bigger place with a so-much-better air-conditioning! D:

What’s making CF so interesting is that it combines an authentic blend of creative and artistic talents, most notably with so many talented artists displaying and selling their impressive works of art, especially with the on surge of local doujins, commissions, beautiful illustrations and posters (I liked the Vocaloid poster so much, but I was depressed I couldn’t get one myself because of its intense popularity), bookmarks, badges and so much more. Certainly a one of a kind event, making it more special as it is during Christmas season.

And I happen to be in the event on CF Day 2. In an awkward manner I wouldn’t imagine.

This would be my second time actually participating in the event. The first time was when I kept a low-profile key stalking cosplayers and buying merchandises. This time, I actually cosplayed.

My first time ever as L. Lawliet from Death Note! >.< To be honest, I wasn’t so sure I could bring out the character of L pretty much. Already waking up on 5am on Sunday to prepare myself, I put on my RM15 long-sleeved T-shirt I bought from Kamdar (Who says cosplay is expensive?) and a pair of common washed out jeans. A notable outfit for L. The only bad thing I was ever so disappointed: I woke up with a bad hair day. My hair was so persistent to remain bad, even after I washed it and putting on Gatsby, it still remained bad. What could I do now… time to remain patient. The show must go on.

And oh yes, I did take the KTM to Subang, and this was the first time ever I took different trains after dropping off at KL Sentral using the Seremban train and getting onboard the old Klang train on my way there. Weirdly enough, the train was such in a state of disrepair because the seats were vandalized, one window had an impression of a rock thrown at it, the air-conditioner was broken, and worse of all, the engine broke just before reaching Subang station. Luckily the train trip was over soon enough (although I am not looking forward to take the train back home). And I get to take a joy ride on my JADC club leader’s comfortable car ^_^

It looks like some members of mine who were sitting in the car have already worn their costumes. KW is cosplaying as Toushiro from Bleach, and Erien got herself pumped up cosplaying as Maka from Soul Eater, although she’s missing the important blonde pig-tail wig. We first decided to urgently move on to another one of our dear JADC member, Ailynn’s house just near Sunway, because apparently KW ringed out a red-alert emergency to ‘do his business’, telling us his costume will take him 10 minutes to remove off before going off to the toilet. xD

Anyway, it was a mad dash getting ready in Ailynn’s house. Ailynn was already in her Enmma Ai costume once we got to her place. Here was the embarrassing moment. I had makeup put on by Ailynn, which wasn’t a pleasing experience, since this was probably my second time I had makeup on since primary school. KW though had trouble spraying white paint on his hair, making the whole room stuffy with deodorant.

Cutting off short, we finally make it to Sunway, earlier before the event even started, and earlier than Sunway is ready to open its business to its customers yet. Already practicing my hunchback posing sucking on a chocolate lollipop, we got ourselves tickets (or entry wristbands). We met with some early-rise cosplayers there, meeting up with a Naruto, Rukodo Mukoro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Masamune Date from Basara, a Shinigami, a guy from Detroit Metal City and lots more cosplay wannabes.

And yes, we do meet Wai Keet, we just couldn’t get tired of him =D Oh, and not forgetting Hafiz and his sister too. Hafiz was impersonating as Luffy from One Piece, and his sister? Well his sister rather preferred to support him from behind, of course.

Eva, also one of many of our JADC members, joined in, although not on the same day as we were. But it wouldn’t kill if we put up a few of her gorgeous pictures up in my blog, right? >.> She was cosplaying as Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8, don’t she look lovely cosplaying as her?

Again, cutting off all the meticulous details of the event, we then see the event starting off with a bang! Going through the double doors, and later checking out artists’ booths, and even more exciting, having your pictures taken by fans all over the area seems to be a dream come true! *_* Although I wouldn’t take into pleasure seeing my rival competitors cosplaying as L too, although in my heart, I sneered at them. There was one plump L, and I mean really plump and dark too. And there was one girl doing as L too, easily noticeable by looking at her… ahem*front.

Here are some of my nicest pictures I obtained from Kenny, our most experienced photographer in our club, excited to take pictures of us and giggle at his own posing with Jack Sparrow.

Do enjoy what I can offer you mates! =D Oh, don’t stare at them too long, it makes me embarrassed.

Here are some moments of mine impersonating L as best as I could.

I will be posting the rest of our group cosplay pictures later when I could find the time. Snailymx has crippled my blogger’s ability to upload pictures quickly as I have hoped for.


  1. a pity i had to write down your name in my death note for being good looking :3

    would love to see more of your cosplay in years to come :3

  2. whut?! omg u posted my pics?!! hahah itsok...anyways great job on L! whoots!

    hope to go with u guys next year! ^_^v

  3. eh you're not bended enough as 'L'...anyway, nice try! I bet your back must have hurt after the day...;)Otsukaresama!..

  4. Oh hey, so you guys were the one that came and asked me for the photos early in the morning xD
    It was hilarious. Nice try on your L.

    Uhm, do you mind passing the pictures to me ( Mukuro ) from your friend or so? I want to keep them as memories x3