Friday, December 26, 2008

Bad Att' Dota

I hate it when people do mistakes and they act cute doing so. It tempts me to act cute too.

Dota is surely no stranger to the hardcore gaming generation of teenagers today, and yet even girls, typically the ones who aren't gaming fanatics, knows a thing or two about Dota.

Dota is not just famously known for its addictive gameplay combining teamwork and rationality, it is in fact a battlefield of unethical gaming. No, it's not about the cheats.. which reminds me of the time when one player tried to key in -whosyourdaddy in the game and confused as to why the cheat ain't working.

It's about abusive words, or the F-bombs that you guys are so acquainted with. Typically, there's never a game where not one of the players will curse a F word. Or more appropriately in Malaysia, the F words are in Chinese, in which of course, you can try figuring out yourself what are those words are.

In this game, this form of malevolence cursing gamers online has influenced even the gentlest gamers themselves. Like in college, students got so used to hurling abusive words in the game, they even use it freely outside the game too, without minding how offensive those words might be to others.

Yes, I do play this game myself, to be honest, after apparently getting the habit to start playing this game again during the first year of my college. Although I was worse than a mediocre when I was still a beginner, I somehow managed to get a lil' better. I rejoiced when I am finally on the same level with even the most professional hardcore gamer friend of mine.

Hey, I'm not saying I would be talking bad all about the game, or even bragging my Godlike-achievements. This post wouldn't be interesting like that, wouldn't it?

Hurling F-bombs in Dota is such a normal trend, and to play the game, you gotta have an iron will to do so. Getting offended so easily will only mess up your temper. In fact, Dota has become my greatest teacher - It taught me to be a patient man, and not to fuss or strut when words are being thrown at me. But I won't let this trend to take over my way of life, because it isn't right to offend other people without reason, so I restrain myself from using those words as much as I could =)

Well, to other Dota players who are reading this post, has you notice other trends as well while playing on your local Garena server?

I only took a year to follow up with the gaming life of Dota, so I ought to throw a few other 'bad gaming trends' for fun, maybe even some laughs and a lil' sneering ought to do it.

First Stage: Getting Gamers to Join a Game
1. The host usually closes some slots to give an impression that his game has lots of players joining.
2. People thought that colored names resemble professionals.
3. Creating 'Open' or "Closed' as your name will tick off an ill-tempered host.
4. Players argue with the host over what mode to choose.
5. Players will ask the host to tunnel them, although the fact is, tunneling won't do much good to increase their connection speed.
6. Players who wanted to intentionally annoy others will leave the game as soon as the countdown starts.

Second Stage: Choosing the Heroes
1. Players like to wait for other players to choose their heroes first, until they forgotten the countdown timer is nearing its end.
2. One chooses a wrong hero in -ap mode, and later repicking... not knowing they cannot do so.
3. One buys the wrong stats item for the wrong hero.
4. One curses the host if the game is laggy.
5. Players fought over lanes, and who should solo or follow.
6. A player throws a F-bomb at a teammate who doesn't block creeps.
7. A player uses the creeps to hunt neutral creeps, which results in no creeps defending the tower.
8. Going over the trouble of remaking the game if everything goes wrong.

Third Stage: Moving on to Battle
1. A player backstabs the whole team and giving free kills to its opponents.
2. A player stuns, nets or heals on an enemy creep intentionally.
3. A player curses another player why he isn't using his Ultimate... eventhough his level is less than 6.
4. No one bothers to alert if the opponents are missing.
5. Someone who is so scared to fight his opponents, he rather whack neutral creeps instead.
6. A player using Goblin Techies planting bombs at the wrong place/ Booming at the most dreadfully empty spot.
7. A player intentionally demoralizes the team.
8. A player who is confused over which lane he should take.
9. Having a teammate who has no sense of teamwork.
10. Having a teammate who keeps saying 'Let's one on one lah, see who win'
11. A player fighting Roshan too early in the game.
12. A player thinking he's always right, cursing others about the items they buy, the skills they use, or just calling them plain stupid.
13. A player who curses too much, he dies the most as well! xD
14. A player who leaves the game, leaving the team helpless.
15. A player who curses a lagger to stop downloading porn.
16. Someone blames the host for everything.
17. Waiting too long at the base/ secret shop not knowing how to buy items or recipes.
18. Calling each other racists/ sexists/ homos.
19. Blaming people for not doing something, or for something you didn't do wrong.
20. The host leaves the game when he sees his team losing.(An ultimate annoyance)

Wow, that's quite plenty over there, I wish I could put in more =) How about you guys? Thought of some yet?


  1. I have to agree with alot of the points stated here. It's easy hurling abuse at others hiding behind a nick name, so cowardly. People do it all the time in Dota. That's why I seldom play Dota now. Not worth it

  2. 7. A player uses the creeps to hunt neutral creeps, which results in no creeps defending the tower.???

    I do that all the time coz i want my 1st tower to fall as fast as possible so that i can farm easier thus more money.