Monday, October 6, 2008

Wet, Wet, Monday!

What a good way to start my first day of my third semester at college today. A wet, and heavy, rainy Monday!

I begin my life today by waking up late around 10am, thanks to my best-ever-alarm-clock-in-the-world, my mum.

I was taking it easy, changed into my clothes, newly washed and smelled fresh of washing detergent. After packing my bag, but really, there was nothing much to pack other than a bottle, a folder and a 'Kite Runner' book to be lent to my college mate, 'Michael'.

When suddenly, my mum nagged me to bring my umbrella along. I was nagging that it would my bag heavy. However, she urged me to bring that umbrella. Then I said alright, I will get hold of my umbrella. I sulked.

Luckily, it was a carefree day for me today. The train wasn't as jam packed like it was in the mornings, and it was such a breezy train ride to college. And I mean it, it was breezy. The KTM has finally fixed its air-conditioning. Or maybe it's because I took the train that is not broken down yet.

I reached college about half an hour earlier before my first Management Accounting Fundamentals (MAF) starts. As I was searching the canteen for a can of Nescafe coffee, I suddenly took interest in one boy that I saw there.

..No, not that gay-crush relationship you're imagining now.

I was 'impressed' and 'shocked' at the same time to see his hair dyed BLUE. And oh my, it sure was a BRIGHT BLUE, alright!

Moving on to lecture now, my new MAF lecturer is Mr. Sam Chew. I kept wondering whether is that really his full name or not, but I don't think there would be any benefits for finding out anyway. Mr. Sam (or Uncle Chew as my friend called him) was easy going and certainly took his time explaining his lecture nicely, compared to my Fundamentals of Accounting lecturer who talks like a rattling broken machine gun from my second semester.

So far, it's the first week of my third semester. I haven't fully see Mr. Sam's full nature yet, so this is just an unconclusive testimonial of him. Although he did warned that the subject I am learning under him will be pretty tough.

He said that he will be worried if his students said MAF is easy for them. Because he thinks maybe his students doesn't understand the subject at all in the first place.


Now, here comes the worse part to start my Monday. It suddenly rained cats and dogs.

Phew, how glad I am for having to listen to my mom's nagging and brought the umbrella with me today!

I ran to the bus station, get on the college bus, and later took the train home. (I'm in a rush to end my blog because I'm sleepy xD)

And even with an umbrella along, my shoes, socks and jeans are still soaking wet.

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