Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Suffer during the Day, and Reward at the End!


This morning, was one of those 'mornings that I would wish I could sleep more and not having the mood to get out of bed'.

Man, if only Deepavali holidays could be one week longer.

Mom just woke me up with her usual screaming and shouting from the ground floor to urge me to get up. Heck, my alarm clock hasn't even rang yet! It goes to show that moms are the 'best alarm clocks' in the world, and I appreciate it. xD

It was yet another usual day making my way to college, two trains, one bus, the same repetitive journey day by day, semester by semester, and soon, for years to come.

I would say there wasn't anything unusual that happened during morning and afternoon lectures, but I did witnessed an event that looked tad a bit cranky, and humorous as it seems.

Apparently, this group of college mates of mine have been obsessed with playing cards and chit-chatting during MAF lecture, in which I don't actually bother really, since I plugged myself with my trusty iPod and was half asleep during lecture! xD

And then, they later indulge themselves by reading a Chinese fashion-gossip-entertainment mostly featuring sexy female models (probably some male models too) without the lecturer knowing.

They flipped to a page, with two beautiful female models with charming faces, each on both sides of the magazine, left and right. Song, Cat and Mr.Long were keen to be attracted towards the woman on the right page, but there was one mate, KK who instead liked the other woman on the opposite page.

Intent on supporting for his favorite female, KK challenged himself by asking the lecturer on which woman in the magazine he preferred. Song, who was not convinced, dared him to do so, and if he did, he will knock his head onto the wall.

And sure he was, right after the lecture ended, KK rushed straight ahead to the lecturer, and showed him the magazine. After probably a few seconds, we heard him screaming:


Or actually, to me, his expression was more like this:


And to Miow, he looks more like him:


Alas, the lecturer liked the same woman as KK did! No wonder he was so jovial.

I wouldn't know if Song really had knocked his head on the wall or not, although most likely he didn't. xP
(thanks for the accurate description, Miow)


Anyway, the fun as over as soon as you know it, and everyone went back home... except me! T__T

It looks like I was required to attend this so-called AGM meeting for course reps and class reps, just after my lecture. Oh no! How I longed to take a long nap after college, but no, I couldn't.

Ok... so, the meeting was fairly big, a lot of people did came, more than what I had expected.

The meeting was fairly going smoothly. It was mostly a platform for people to complain about lecturers, facilities and employees within the college. Jeffrey, our Accounting course rep, certainly dazzled the meeting with his jokes. Filtered water that tastes strongly of chlorine, rude Metro bus drivers who caused traffic jams in front of college, limited parking spaces, and even they were not keen on having lecturers aspiring to be storytellers.

At one point, Jeffrey was demanding the college to fix mirrors in the boys' toilet! He asked, if all the girls' toilets have mirrors, why not the boys' as well?

So... it's not just the girls who cared too much on their faces, even boys do, eh?

Aye, the meeting room was incredibly stuffy!!! Even my nose start to hurt.. T____T

Finally, meeting has adjourned, I was so glad, my nose was really hurting badly T____T

Back at home, I was so happy!

My mom bought me my favorite dessert for me to enjoy after dinner!

Lemon 'Tong Sui' with Sea Coconut Chunks =D

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