Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Last Day of Holiday

This morning, I've been having a stomach ache. Maybe it's because of the dangerous sambal I ate. What a day to start my Sunday blues, and enjoying the remains of my last day of holiday.

I was so exulted for having the freedom to celebrate my semester holidays after that grueling second semester I had with my accounting course. In fact, I've been so delightful, I have even wrongly assumed that my semester holidays would be a blissful 3-months duration! Fortunately (or unfortunately), Sweet N alerted me on the Messenger that our new third college semester timetable is already out!

After a quick glance on the timetable, I have noticed that my holidays will only last a meager duration of 2 weeks!

And Sweet N was sneering what would have happened if I still think my holidays is 3 months. I bet my whole college would be head-hunting for me.

By tomorrow, I would have joined my college mates who have dreaded coming to college to start a 'mundane' study life all over again. And to add salt to the misery, most of our group members felt dissapointed about our new timetable this time.

Here's my timetable. So take a long look at it if you want, peeps!

Being the neat and systematic addict, paying close attention to details, and having a sluggish brain, you could see my timetable has some highlights and writings here and there, and a '12pm and 6 pm time gap' to make my timetable easier to see and interpret.

I will be having four subjects, but this time, I will be having lectures and tutorials for the whole week. For the past two semesters, I had Monday as our 'RnR' day.

The four subjects with the longest names I have ever seen in my life (which you might not be interested in it anyway if you ain't a Business student) are:-
1. Management Accounting Fundamentals
2. Financial Accounting
3. Financing Fundamentals
4. Organization and Human Resource

And oh yes, I will be having three male lecturers and one sole female lecturer for Financial Accounting. Fancy that.

If you see the timetable (click on it to zoom it), pay attention to group 3, my group. Not only we will have to cope with late lectures, we probably have the worst tutorial classes as an addition.

On Thursdays, our HR tutorial starts at 4.30pm and ends at 6pm, while other groups are having earlier classes. Moreover, on Fridays, our FA tutorial is from 12pm to 2pm, another late class, in which the other groups are not having.

My funky class mate happened to have sms-ed me and complained this:

Hey Vinnie! Why is the timetable so unfair to us?! We're always the one to stay back so late!!! Do they think we are so easy to be bullied at?!
Somehow, for the first time, I totally agreed with her!


  1. Sweet N?! lol..yaya imagine u still tot its holiday. wont be seeing u the whole 3rd semester. lol.. who's the funky class mate? XD