Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Day to be a Samaritan

Last Monday, it started off with my normal routine of going to college, taking my sweet time riding on board the KTM and LRT.

Upon reaching my last stop at Wangsa Maju, while waiting for a college bus to fetch me, I chance upon a wallet on the floor under the seat I was sitting on in the bus station. I picked it up to take a closer look at it while at the same time dusting it off. It was brown in colour, but pale, and judging by its worn-out appearance, it had been used for a number of years. Moreover, the wallet was scribbled with a magic pen with the words 'Fish Ball XD' and a picture of it, as well as a Chinese name at the back of it, probably its owner.

I opened the wallet, and the first thing I checked, was whether it had any money inside. And sure it did, notes adding up to 25 dollars. 25 dollars is considered a lot to me, since I've been excessively thrifty with my money. There was an urge inside of me to take out the money and keep it in my pocket, but in the end, I was wondering whether the owner would come back soon and find for the wallet, I closed the wallet and left it at the far end of the seat, wishing that someone would bear the responsibility of picking it up and returning it to the owner.

I distanced myself away from the wallet, by scooting to the other end of my seat. Until one boy, a student who studied in the same college just like me, sat next to me. He saw the wallet, paused to look at it, and later without opening the wallet, he tapped on my shoulder, thinking that the wallet is mine, and passed it back to me!

Oh god, it looks like I can't escape the responsibility this time around!

So I held on to the wallet. This time, I further 'dwelled' into the contents of the wallet other than the money. I found 50 cents in the coins pocket. I saw a doodle of a cartoon character, and found a medical card inside. I plucked out a bunch of cards: a Real Rewards card, a McDonalds kid promotional card, and consequently, I was surprised to find a MyKad inside!

(Someone who lost this wallet would surely be really desperate to find back this wallet. I bet it's gonna be doom's day for anyone to lose their IC.)

I looked at the owner's IC. It was a girl with neck-length hair and chubby cheeks, born on year 1992. 2 years younger than me. Hm, a Form 4 secondary school student. I glanced upon the address on the card, it read 'Jalan Tiong Nam'. Hm, that's not far from where I was that time.

I looked at my watch, my bus was 30 minutes late. Couldn't blame the driver, it was lunch break now.

This was the time when two college friends of mine reached the bus station as well. I waved at them, saying hello, and they waved back. Once they were next to me, I showed them the wallet, told them what I had found in it. I asked one of the girls to hold the wallet and help to return it for me. She politely let out a hand not to take it, saying she didn't know what to do in that kind of situation.

So I waited. A further 10 minutes have passed. The bus wasn't here yet. I was looking side to side, observed, comparing the faces of strangers to the IC I was having with me.

And right on cue, a stroke of luck. The boy who had been sitting next to me, tapped on my shoulder again. He pointed at the girl behind him, asking whether the girl matched the one on the IC. I took a quick glance at the IC again, and oh god, it sure was that girl! I nearly couldn't recognize her if not for her long hair, compared to the neck-length hair of hers in her IC.

I slowly confronted her. She was busy texting her pink handphone, looking worried and maybe in a state of panic. I said hello to her. She looked at me. I asked her if this is her wallet.

Her face suddenly brightened up. It was her wallet. And she was thankful that she got it back.

I replied 'You're welcome' to her. Finally the burden is off me!

Fortunately, the college bus came, after being late for nearly an hour. While hopping into the bus, I was wondering myself 'Hm, doing a good deed is not a hard thing after all. Maybe it was a good day to be a Samaritan'.


  1. ..soo you r the licik one hohoho

    *.. poyo je ko jadik baik XD :3*

  2. if this is an eroge you might've just triggered a flag.

    keep on the good stuff vin.