Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gone, Alor, Gone

The city of Kuala Lumpur in humble Malaysia has never stop entertaining its residents for years.

This week, there's another reason why you should 'laugh out loud' yet again at the authorities, repetitively.

Probably faced by intense boredom, City Hall decided to contribute efforts in order to enhance and improve the appeal and prestige of blooming Kuala Lumpur. And they start off their ambition by changing the names of roads according to stars and planets, vegetables and fruits.

Jalan Alor is one of those victims of road name changing.

Recently, Jalan Alor, which is Malaysia's best known destination for delicious and appetizing street food and a haven for food enthusiasts, has been renamed to Jalan Kejora. This has caused residents, hawkers and road lovers alike to protest against the irrationality of City Hall on why they would take the trouble to change a simple road name. They complained that changing the 'reputable' name of Jalan Alor is a waste of time, adding that it would confuse locals and tourists who would flock the street for irresistable food.

The issue is so controversible that just through typing 'Jalan Alor' in Google, it eventually returned with about 137,000 results! And indirectly helping to further advertise Jalan Alor to the public to feast for great food! How 'kind' of City Hall to do that.

Simply put, if you don't know Malay, 'Jalan' means 'street' and 'Alor' means 'stream'. 'Kejora', the newest name to replace Jalan Alor, is the Malay name of the planet Venus in the solar system.

I am still wondering why the need to change, when you would so get used to calling it by the same name, Alor?

It was crazy of City Hall to waste public fundings and tax receipts to rename the road, because I don't see it will result to any expected benefits to the ever-so-popular eating street. Why would I think so?

It is because for one instance, anyone who was staying in the road once named Alor, has to change their home address in their MyKad. And surely that would waste quite a handful of public fundings right there! They should have at least improve security in that area, and have more people to clean the drains and stinky, dirty public toilets in the first place. Wouldn't that coincide with the Ninth Malaysian Plan to make the city image better than it was before?

It sure was a total disaster, it sure was!

And everyone would be dying to know, why City Hall did that?

From the Malay Mail:

The controversial renaming of Jalan Alor may have been made because Alor, it seems has a somewhat sexy undertone.

Then again, if sexual implication is the reason, shouldn’t the authorities be thinking of renaming Alor Gajah and Alor Star, as well?

A sexual allusion has just been cast on both the Alors but hallo! Hallo! We forgot Batang Berjuntai that was changed to Bestari Jaya. I don’t think Jalan Alor served a punch-line for Malaysian jokes that Batang Berjuntai delightfully delivered.
Seriously, does the name 'ALOR' looks sexy to you?? I mean, Batang Berjuntai and Pantai Cinta Berahi were certainly more appealing and looking even lovelier, passionate and sexier!

Another akwardly weird excuse given to explain the irrationality. Yet again, this is common in Malaysia; truly entertaining!


But people. People! People!

Being an honest and loyal pacifist like myself, I advise you guys:

Why bother fighting City Hall to change back Jalan Kejora into Jalan Alor? You would just waste more energy spitting out demands to them!



  1. I'd say, everything that we've seen from the higher powers till this point was basically LOL stuff

    things we would think and roll over the floor laughing about it.

    On a serious note... c'mon... why would they be bother with a slang word? It's conscience.

    I guess we never hear some more extreme countries like US giving a road name, "C**t Avenue", a England city named "F***ingham" etc, and these slangs have the same level as the said "Alor"

    ... maybe in the future we have to write "Alor" as "A**r" :O

  2. wahaha batang berjuntai LUL WHUT
    that is much more desu that than alor @_@

    .. there;a friend of mine studying at unisel
    batang berju.. ..awh awh i cannot even finish saying the word XD

  3. more reason for me to srs'ly consider for a residency overseas lol. if things such as this keeps coming i'm afraid i might be hugely embarrassed to disclose my location to my foreign online pals [ i kept telling them that i was a proud scandinavian lol ]


    i had enough wif all those stupid gag[s] made on 'malaysia boleh' [ teh tarik on space etc ] and now our so-called bolehland is trying to sound all genius and cool by putting up encyclopedia-esque names as street names. HOW LAME AND LOL-ABLE :3

  4. they just bored..

    "Probably faced by intense boredom"

    like u said. XD