Sunday, October 19, 2008

Datuk Shah Rukh Khan

Datukship for Shah Rukh Khan

Malaysians more deserving of Datukship than Shah Rukh Khan

A week ago, there was quite a mind-blogging and somehow unusual buzz surrounding Malaysia.

Very popular and fan-drooling Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) was awarded the Darjah Seri Mulia Melaka, which grants him a 'Datukship'.

Datuk, when directly translated, means Grandfather. How ironic. But in Malaysia, a Datukship is an honorary title for any candidate who contributed greatly to the country. However, having the decision to award a foreign actor a Datukship, is questionable, if not, irrational and cynical to most Malaysians, who thought that there are others who are more worthy for that title.

So what was the reason SRK being given that respectful title in the first place? Well, I wouldn't be sure how SRK contributed to Malaysia, other than the fact that he did act in a movie called 'Ong 2 ka 4' that was shot at the A'Famosa Resort in Malacca. And the excuse? The Datukship was merely blindingly given to him in order to promote Malacca further! Lame excuse, I should say.

(As if Malacca, for all this while, has been relatively unknown before the shooting of the movie takes place). A Datukship is not that easy to get in the past, but this time around, it's like almost anyone deserves a Datukship, even foreigners as well.

Unfortunately, SRK didn't attend to receive his Datukship at the award ceremony in Malacca, sadly, for reasons unknown (Maybe SRK didn't know where Malacca is in the first place).

So what is the actual reason of SRK's absence? Maybe it's because SRK pranked on Malacca?

They agreed to head towards Malacca during that time. However...

Shah Rukh was missing during the prestigious award ceremony in Malacca.

The real truth was...

Shah Rukh plotted to go to Singapore and have some fun, and entertainment instead!

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