Monday, October 27, 2008

A Buggy Awakening

I planned to wake up on 12pm last Saturday, because I really crave for more rest after reading Brisingr by Christopher Paolini until 3am.

Instead, I got bugged and woke up on 11am no thanks to my handphone. JY sms-ed me that morning, and she reminded me something that I would not want to remember, honestly.

She asked 'Have you checked your results yet?'

Ah, I totally forgotten about it! But, heck, I was not looking forward to it in the first place xP

I was talking about the dreaded examination 2nd sem results from college!

So... I took my sweet time turning on the computer, first reading up my emails, reading up a forum I frequently visit, and played Caesar IV on my computer before finally checking up on my results on the college website! xD (look how I am so not looking forward to my results)

I expected the worst. I was worried I screwed up something. However, here's what it turned out:

Business Information Systems & Applications - A
Quantitative Studies - A
Macroeconomics - A
Fundamentals of Accounting - A-
English for Communication - A-
Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan - A

My first reaction was... OMG! Yay, I got a string of As!

I was exolted that I excelled in my memorizing subjects BISA and Macroeconomics.

I was glad when I did nicely with my counting subject, QS. I finished the paper just within a nick of time (or more like that nick of time was like a thin strand of hair)

I was overwhelmed when I got an A for BML eventhough I wrote a ridiculous answer on that paper. There was this question 'How do you avoid cancer?' or something like that? Out of ideas, I remembered writing down 'Eat less McDonalds.' xD I think that answer made the examiner laugh really hard and gave me a chance, eh?

But the thing I was so happy about was, I can't believe I got an A- in Accounting! o__O I nearly failed in two of my past courseworks (tests), and I got an A- in exam at the end? Maybe I studied too hard, and did too well during Accounting exam. Or maybe my 'happy go lucky tembak-menembak style' of answering got me through!!!

But... but... I got an A- in English!! T___T I'm so depressed! How could I not get an A in such an easy subject? (see my emo face?) Oh well, can't help it, my English is getting really rusty nowadays...

And my mom is not happy to see my results!! (=A+) She even said that she had expected me to do better. I don't like it when my mom pressured me too much to crack my head to get an A for everything I do, darn it! =.=

Hopefully, I will do even better for my 3rd sem! Ganbatte spirit roaring up!!

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