Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amazing Prison Food Critics!

Teresa Kok - It's not about the food (Malay Mail)

You'll cringe as you eat (Malay Mail)

What I saw was disgusting (Malay Mail)

Detainees need balanced food (Malay Mail)

Remember the time when MP Teresa Kok was wrongly detained under ISA for one week? After her detention, she gave the country the 'hoo-ha!' and strongly complained about the prison food lacking taste and appeal, which she compares to as 'dog food'. Maybe it's because she had ate food not quite as what she had expected as dinner from home, and she had ate the same food that was served more than once. That could be the reasons.

Let's go back to when our MP was in detection, the day when she met the mischievous 'Prison Caretaker'.

Of course, Teresa isn't the only one complaining about the prison food's quality.

In fact, Raja Petra complained too, that he can't stomach the smelly Kamunting food.

Raja Petra can't 'stomach' Kamunting food (The Star)

We take a look back again at the day of his complain, and our 'Prison Caretaker', deviant as always, and see how he confronts Raja Petra and deal with his situation.

And our 'Prison Caretaker' still brags about the 'amazing' quality of his prison food.

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  1. they should at least serve the chicken flavored one since it tastes better - maggi expert :3