Saturday, October 11, 2008

3rd Sem, 3rd Happy Go Lucky?

Hello to all enthusiastic bloggers and readers out there!

I'm here to let you guys know that I will be occupying most of my blogging time on college studies and gaming right now. So most likely I would only blog given that I have ample free time, usually on Fridays or on weekends.

So those looking forward for more of my 4koma/picture comics, be patient, because I need to think up of inspiring ideas for my comics.

Anyway, it was the end of my first week of my third semester right here at my humble and modest TAR college. After commenting on my MAF lecturer in my previous post, I ought to continue to further comment (or ranting) on my other three lecturers as well.

Organisation and Human Resource

With 25 years of teaching experience and educating hundreds of hundreds of business students in the past, it is without a doubt that our lecturer for Human Resource, Mr. Roland Cheng. Hm, should I call him by Mr. Roland or should I call him Mr. Cheng? Anyway, who cares. The lecture was around late in the evening, so I was guessing most of my college friends would be cursing for having to come to college to attend just two hours of late lecture.

We started off with our lecture with a brief walkthrough on the subject syllabus. And surprise, surprise, he hit us with the assignment already!

Basically, we should start off our assignment by watching movies! Oh yeah, what a fun way to start off our project!

The movies we were supposed to watch consist of these right here:

Here's the trick. Assignments are always tricky as it is. I would have to choose one of these movies here, and analyze them based on what I learned from the HR subject I'm learning, such as aspects of work coordination, teamwork, leadership, motivation, etc. etc. that we usually miss and take for granted while we watch these kind of movies.

I would definitely love to choose Gladiator, it has been my favorite movie since I had watched it back during my younger years. But Happy Feet?! I was like holy cow, Happy Feet?!

Back to lecture period, the syllabus is something like a stranger to us, most likely because it contained a lot of technical and economical keywords that are pretty unfamiliar to us. (I blame myself for not reading the Business section in the newspapers lately) Some of my friends weren't quite keen on taking interest or paid attention, and one complained 'It's like learning back Bz'ness Information Systems all over again. There's so many long and long words!'

I actually am looking forward to learning more on HR. Can't wait to get my hands on managing people in the future. I'm tired of being managed ever since.

Finance Fundamentals (FF)

And I thought FF is Final Fantasy! xD

This time, our FF lecturer is the funky Mr. Liaw. He seems to have a personality similiar to our previous Macroeconomics lecturer in the past, he likes to joke around, lets himself get 'bullied' by his students, but the good thing is, he taught the subject at a nice and slow pace. (Although students sarcastically complained the lecturer was too fast)

On the first day of FF lecture, the first chapter was looking relatively simple to understand. So it kinda bores me because there's not a lot of new stuff I could learn from the first chapter. I actually fell asleep around ten minutes back then. xD Sorry, Mr. Liaw!

Flipping through the lecture notes, I have realized, I have underestimated FF. It looks like there would be lots of calculations I need to embrace in the near future.

I guessed I would direly need to replace my old scientific calculator and replaced it with a financial calculator one day, if I happen to bump up to any hard and time-consuming mathematics in this subject.

Financial Accounting (FA)

Alas, yet another accounting subject.

Our FA subject is conducted by our very own programme supervisor, Ms. Ng. She may have a charming face and a well-contoured body, but oh boy, she sure was strict and wise!

First chapter, it's time to catch up to one of our accounting chapters we have learnt during our SPM year - Partnership! Well, nothing much really.

But here's the interesting bit. Apparently, my group of friends who were persistent to change our timetable and demand rights and justice for Group 3 came face to face with Ms. Ng in her office. During that time, I was just tagging along, or actually 'forced' along to 'negotiate' with her, kononnya that I have the influence as the Class Rep to convince her =_=

(I'm not close to her yet, why not point the finger at the Cat? He knows her more than I do!)

First off, my friends started saying Group 3 is always getting bullied at every semester. They are asking Ms. Ng to consider other students in our group as well, saying that some of them live very far away from college.

One friend in particular, said he came from Melaka. But actually, he stayed in the college hostel. My other friends, who live somewhere in Cheras, drive a car to college.

Me? I took the jam-packed and the slow 'tortoise and turtle like' KTM train from Kepong, having to cope with the weird concoction of perfume, cologne, armpit odour, sweat, and pungent herbal oil. And having to push other people around or get squashed so badly, and even fighting for a seat in the train. It would be even hell if I missed the train in the first place! And once I reached Central KL station, I would have to wait in long queues to get into the LRT train to make my way to college at last.

I would honestly say that my friends are having their lives going to college pretty easy compared to mine!

Unfortunately, it was predictable that we could not change our timetable at all. Ms. Ng, as wise as she looks, advised us to accept what is determined in our timetable now, and use our free time in college or come early and use the library or computer lab facilities, as well as working hard towards our studies and get a good CGPA, join some clubs and be elected in some kind of position so that we could impress the interviewers once we go to work.

My friends felt dissapointed. Because they're not the hardworking but more towards the carefree type of people in the first place.

I was just sitting back behind them, sneering. Why make so much fuss about a timetable? I got nothing to do at home anyway, so might as well I continue on my 'happy go lucky' streak in college! xD

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