Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yoga Banned in Msia?

Here's one more 'laugh-out-loud' moment about the current situation in Malaysia.

Malaysia may ban yoga for Muslims

Muslims in Malaysia may be barred from the ancient practice of yoga if they engage in Hindu "religious elements" during the exercise, a top Islamic cleric said Wednesday.

Harussani Zakaria, a controversial cleric from the northern Perak state, said the government-backed National Fatwa Council would soon release a decree, or "fatwa", which would decide if Muslims were allowed to practise yoga.

"If it involves any faith or religious elements it is definitely not permissible but if it is just a form of exercise that is all right," Harussani told AFP.

"Muslims cannot practice yoga in its original form because it involves another religion," he said in response to a call to ban Muslims from engaging in yoga.

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, where more than 60 percent of the population of 27 million are Muslim Malays who practice a conservative brand of the religion.

The practice of yoga, a popular stress-buster in Kuala Lumpur, dates back thousands of years in India, where it was a favorite of holy men before becoming hugely popular internationally, especially among western celebrities.

Zakaria Stapa, a professor in the Islamic faculty of the National University of Malaysia, had called on Muslims to stop practising yoga, saying it could cause them to "deviate from their faith", news reports said on Wednesday.

Muslims in Malaysia practised yoga not just for exercise but also as part of the growing urban lifestyle and involved "chanting mantras while in various positions", he said.

"Why should we look for other alternatives to exercise and search for peace? Yoga could cause (Muslims) to stray from their faith because its movements are according to the style and traditions of Hinduism," he said.

The fatwa council, one of Malaysia's highest Islamic bodies, last Friday banned women from dressing or behaving like men and engaging in lesbian sex, saying it was forbidden by the religion.

If I were you, I would consider it to be awkward for their decision to ban such an innocent, safe and healthy exercise, because I don't find it offensive in terms of religion. Don't you think so too?

Does exercise positions invoke religious matters?

Or, ff they were so afraid of their devotees of chanting out 'mantras' in various positions of yoga exercise, well... (Is the word 'OM' offensive? I'm curious.)

Why not just... don't chant it out?

Recite some Koran verses as a replacement!
(thanks VN!)

I'm not against this idea of banning yoga in my country here, but...

What would happen if yoga was eventually banned? Think about it.

Luckily, there's another alternative.


Suffer during the Day, and Reward at the End!


This morning, was one of those 'mornings that I would wish I could sleep more and not having the mood to get out of bed'.

Man, if only Deepavali holidays could be one week longer.

Mom just woke me up with her usual screaming and shouting from the ground floor to urge me to get up. Heck, my alarm clock hasn't even rang yet! It goes to show that moms are the 'best alarm clocks' in the world, and I appreciate it. xD

It was yet another usual day making my way to college, two trains, one bus, the same repetitive journey day by day, semester by semester, and soon, for years to come.

I would say there wasn't anything unusual that happened during morning and afternoon lectures, but I did witnessed an event that looked tad a bit cranky, and humorous as it seems.

Apparently, this group of college mates of mine have been obsessed with playing cards and chit-chatting during MAF lecture, in which I don't actually bother really, since I plugged myself with my trusty iPod and was half asleep during lecture! xD

And then, they later indulge themselves by reading a Chinese fashion-gossip-entertainment mostly featuring sexy female models (probably some male models too) without the lecturer knowing.

They flipped to a page, with two beautiful female models with charming faces, each on both sides of the magazine, left and right. Song, Cat and Mr.Long were keen to be attracted towards the woman on the right page, but there was one mate, KK who instead liked the other woman on the opposite page.

Intent on supporting for his favorite female, KK challenged himself by asking the lecturer on which woman in the magazine he preferred. Song, who was not convinced, dared him to do so, and if he did, he will knock his head onto the wall.

And sure he was, right after the lecture ended, KK rushed straight ahead to the lecturer, and showed him the magazine. After probably a few seconds, we heard him screaming:


Or actually, to me, his expression was more like this:


And to Miow, he looks more like him:


Alas, the lecturer liked the same woman as KK did! No wonder he was so jovial.

I wouldn't know if Song really had knocked his head on the wall or not, although most likely he didn't. xP
(thanks for the accurate description, Miow)


Anyway, the fun as over as soon as you know it, and everyone went back home... except me! T__T

It looks like I was required to attend this so-called AGM meeting for course reps and class reps, just after my lecture. Oh no! How I longed to take a long nap after college, but no, I couldn't.

Ok... so, the meeting was fairly big, a lot of people did came, more than what I had expected.

The meeting was fairly going smoothly. It was mostly a platform for people to complain about lecturers, facilities and employees within the college. Jeffrey, our Accounting course rep, certainly dazzled the meeting with his jokes. Filtered water that tastes strongly of chlorine, rude Metro bus drivers who caused traffic jams in front of college, limited parking spaces, and even they were not keen on having lecturers aspiring to be storytellers.

At one point, Jeffrey was demanding the college to fix mirrors in the boys' toilet! He asked, if all the girls' toilets have mirrors, why not the boys' as well?

So... it's not just the girls who cared too much on their faces, even boys do, eh?

Aye, the meeting room was incredibly stuffy!!! Even my nose start to hurt.. T____T

Finally, meeting has adjourned, I was so glad, my nose was really hurting badly T____T

Back at home, I was so happy!

My mom bought me my favorite dessert for me to enjoy after dinner!

Lemon 'Tong Sui' with Sea Coconut Chunks =D

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Buggy Awakening

I planned to wake up on 12pm last Saturday, because I really crave for more rest after reading Brisingr by Christopher Paolini until 3am.

Instead, I got bugged and woke up on 11am no thanks to my handphone. JY sms-ed me that morning, and she reminded me something that I would not want to remember, honestly.

She asked 'Have you checked your results yet?'

Ah, I totally forgotten about it! But, heck, I was not looking forward to it in the first place xP

I was talking about the dreaded examination 2nd sem results from college!

So... I took my sweet time turning on the computer, first reading up my emails, reading up a forum I frequently visit, and played Caesar IV on my computer before finally checking up on my results on the college website! xD (look how I am so not looking forward to my results)

I expected the worst. I was worried I screwed up something. However, here's what it turned out:

Business Information Systems & Applications - A
Quantitative Studies - A
Macroeconomics - A
Fundamentals of Accounting - A-
English for Communication - A-
Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan - A

My first reaction was... OMG! Yay, I got a string of As!

I was exolted that I excelled in my memorizing subjects BISA and Macroeconomics.

I was glad when I did nicely with my counting subject, QS. I finished the paper just within a nick of time (or more like that nick of time was like a thin strand of hair)

I was overwhelmed when I got an A for BML eventhough I wrote a ridiculous answer on that paper. There was this question 'How do you avoid cancer?' or something like that? Out of ideas, I remembered writing down 'Eat less McDonalds.' xD I think that answer made the examiner laugh really hard and gave me a chance, eh?

But the thing I was so happy about was, I can't believe I got an A- in Accounting! o__O I nearly failed in two of my past courseworks (tests), and I got an A- in exam at the end? Maybe I studied too hard, and did too well during Accounting exam. Or maybe my 'happy go lucky tembak-menembak style' of answering got me through!!!

But... but... I got an A- in English!! T___T I'm so depressed! How could I not get an A in such an easy subject? (see my emo face?) Oh well, can't help it, my English is getting really rusty nowadays...

And my mom is not happy to see my results!! (=A+) She even said that she had expected me to do better. I don't like it when my mom pressured me too much to crack my head to get an A for everything I do, darn it! =.=

Hopefully, I will do even better for my 3rd sem! Ganbatte spirit roaring up!!

Red Alert 3!

The impatient wait for hardcore Red Alert gamers here has finally come to an end. Slated for release on 30 September in Malaysia, surely the craze to command and conquer will start to spread around the country and even the world anytime soon.

I've been absolutely fanatic about this game since the time I've been playing RA2: Yuri's Revenge when I was still in primary school. I remembered the time I got so 'professional' when I was young, I played 5 vs 1 skirmish games, on hard difficulty.

And now I just couldn't wait to see and play the newest additions in the Allied, Soviet and the new Empire of the Rising Sun factions. (wow mecha and samurais! so cool! And George Takei! xD)

Sadly, college has kept me behind schedule for the mean time, so looks like I won't be able to buy the game as soon as it releases. I might as well be buying it on Saturday, I guess. And I would be buying an original copy, no doubt about it!

What? Do I hear you say you condemn originals? Stop being cheap.

It's worth my money buying an original RA3, because I always get annoyed on confusing methods to crack pirated games. (It feels like you've cracking your head)

It has been a very long time since I first bought an original game ages ago, and Red Alert 3 was probably my second one. And I would so dire to play online multiplayer with players abroad Malaysia : ) I'm gonna train and train, and watch me, I will pawn all other players out there (fingers crossed)

Let's start off this RA3 fanatic craze by watching this remix of Hell March right here!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Day to be a Samaritan

Last Monday, it started off with my normal routine of going to college, taking my sweet time riding on board the KTM and LRT.

Upon reaching my last stop at Wangsa Maju, while waiting for a college bus to fetch me, I chance upon a wallet on the floor under the seat I was sitting on in the bus station. I picked it up to take a closer look at it while at the same time dusting it off. It was brown in colour, but pale, and judging by its worn-out appearance, it had been used for a number of years. Moreover, the wallet was scribbled with a magic pen with the words 'Fish Ball XD' and a picture of it, as well as a Chinese name at the back of it, probably its owner.

I opened the wallet, and the first thing I checked, was whether it had any money inside. And sure it did, notes adding up to 25 dollars. 25 dollars is considered a lot to me, since I've been excessively thrifty with my money. There was an urge inside of me to take out the money and keep it in my pocket, but in the end, I was wondering whether the owner would come back soon and find for the wallet, I closed the wallet and left it at the far end of the seat, wishing that someone would bear the responsibility of picking it up and returning it to the owner.

I distanced myself away from the wallet, by scooting to the other end of my seat. Until one boy, a student who studied in the same college just like me, sat next to me. He saw the wallet, paused to look at it, and later without opening the wallet, he tapped on my shoulder, thinking that the wallet is mine, and passed it back to me!

Oh god, it looks like I can't escape the responsibility this time around!

So I held on to the wallet. This time, I further 'dwelled' into the contents of the wallet other than the money. I found 50 cents in the coins pocket. I saw a doodle of a cartoon character, and found a medical card inside. I plucked out a bunch of cards: a Real Rewards card, a McDonalds kid promotional card, and consequently, I was surprised to find a MyKad inside!

(Someone who lost this wallet would surely be really desperate to find back this wallet. I bet it's gonna be doom's day for anyone to lose their IC.)

I looked at the owner's IC. It was a girl with neck-length hair and chubby cheeks, born on year 1992. 2 years younger than me. Hm, a Form 4 secondary school student. I glanced upon the address on the card, it read 'Jalan Tiong Nam'. Hm, that's not far from where I was that time.

I looked at my watch, my bus was 30 minutes late. Couldn't blame the driver, it was lunch break now.

This was the time when two college friends of mine reached the bus station as well. I waved at them, saying hello, and they waved back. Once they were next to me, I showed them the wallet, told them what I had found in it. I asked one of the girls to hold the wallet and help to return it for me. She politely let out a hand not to take it, saying she didn't know what to do in that kind of situation.

So I waited. A further 10 minutes have passed. The bus wasn't here yet. I was looking side to side, observed, comparing the faces of strangers to the IC I was having with me.

And right on cue, a stroke of luck. The boy who had been sitting next to me, tapped on my shoulder again. He pointed at the girl behind him, asking whether the girl matched the one on the IC. I took a quick glance at the IC again, and oh god, it sure was that girl! I nearly couldn't recognize her if not for her long hair, compared to the neck-length hair of hers in her IC.

I slowly confronted her. She was busy texting her pink handphone, looking worried and maybe in a state of panic. I said hello to her. She looked at me. I asked her if this is her wallet.

Her face suddenly brightened up. It was her wallet. And she was thankful that she got it back.

I replied 'You're welcome' to her. Finally the burden is off me!

Fortunately, the college bus came, after being late for nearly an hour. While hopping into the bus, I was wondering myself 'Hm, doing a good deed is not a hard thing after all. Maybe it was a good day to be a Samaritan'.

I Bought My PS3

Here's a message to my college mates who are still curious and remain curious forever:


At long last!


Gone, Alor, Gone

The city of Kuala Lumpur in humble Malaysia has never stop entertaining its residents for years.

This week, there's another reason why you should 'laugh out loud' yet again at the authorities, repetitively.

Probably faced by intense boredom, City Hall decided to contribute efforts in order to enhance and improve the appeal and prestige of blooming Kuala Lumpur. And they start off their ambition by changing the names of roads according to stars and planets, vegetables and fruits.

Jalan Alor is one of those victims of road name changing.

Recently, Jalan Alor, which is Malaysia's best known destination for delicious and appetizing street food and a haven for food enthusiasts, has been renamed to Jalan Kejora. This has caused residents, hawkers and road lovers alike to protest against the irrationality of City Hall on why they would take the trouble to change a simple road name. They complained that changing the 'reputable' name of Jalan Alor is a waste of time, adding that it would confuse locals and tourists who would flock the street for irresistable food.

The issue is so controversible that just through typing 'Jalan Alor' in Google, it eventually returned with about 137,000 results! And indirectly helping to further advertise Jalan Alor to the public to feast for great food! How 'kind' of City Hall to do that.

Simply put, if you don't know Malay, 'Jalan' means 'street' and 'Alor' means 'stream'. 'Kejora', the newest name to replace Jalan Alor, is the Malay name of the planet Venus in the solar system.

I am still wondering why the need to change, when you would so get used to calling it by the same name, Alor?

It was crazy of City Hall to waste public fundings and tax receipts to rename the road, because I don't see it will result to any expected benefits to the ever-so-popular eating street. Why would I think so?

It is because for one instance, anyone who was staying in the road once named Alor, has to change their home address in their MyKad. And surely that would waste quite a handful of public fundings right there! They should have at least improve security in that area, and have more people to clean the drains and stinky, dirty public toilets in the first place. Wouldn't that coincide with the Ninth Malaysian Plan to make the city image better than it was before?

It sure was a total disaster, it sure was!

And everyone would be dying to know, why City Hall did that?

From the Malay Mail:

The controversial renaming of Jalan Alor may have been made because Alor, it seems has a somewhat sexy undertone.

Then again, if sexual implication is the reason, shouldn’t the authorities be thinking of renaming Alor Gajah and Alor Star, as well?

A sexual allusion has just been cast on both the Alors but hallo! Hallo! We forgot Batang Berjuntai that was changed to Bestari Jaya. I don’t think Jalan Alor served a punch-line for Malaysian jokes that Batang Berjuntai delightfully delivered.
Seriously, does the name 'ALOR' looks sexy to you?? I mean, Batang Berjuntai and Pantai Cinta Berahi were certainly more appealing and looking even lovelier, passionate and sexier!

Another akwardly weird excuse given to explain the irrationality. Yet again, this is common in Malaysia; truly entertaining!


But people. People! People!

Being an honest and loyal pacifist like myself, I advise you guys:

Why bother fighting City Hall to change back Jalan Kejora into Jalan Alor? You would just waste more energy spitting out demands to them!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Economical Crisis

How do I know when my family is starting to feel the pinch of economical crisis and the rising prices of food and materials?

It's when my mom got our family a really petite comb of bananas.

It doesn't look much from the picture on top. It looks like normal bananas to you, right?

But look at the 'big picture' below. :)

It's only as big as my thumb!

(Wow, I could play with these 'optical illusions' all day long.

Datuk Shah Rukh Khan

Datukship for Shah Rukh Khan

Malaysians more deserving of Datukship than Shah Rukh Khan

A week ago, there was quite a mind-blogging and somehow unusual buzz surrounding Malaysia.

Very popular and fan-drooling Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) was awarded the Darjah Seri Mulia Melaka, which grants him a 'Datukship'.

Datuk, when directly translated, means Grandfather. How ironic. But in Malaysia, a Datukship is an honorary title for any candidate who contributed greatly to the country. However, having the decision to award a foreign actor a Datukship, is questionable, if not, irrational and cynical to most Malaysians, who thought that there are others who are more worthy for that title.

So what was the reason SRK being given that respectful title in the first place? Well, I wouldn't be sure how SRK contributed to Malaysia, other than the fact that he did act in a movie called 'Ong 2 ka 4' that was shot at the A'Famosa Resort in Malacca. And the excuse? The Datukship was merely blindingly given to him in order to promote Malacca further! Lame excuse, I should say.

(As if Malacca, for all this while, has been relatively unknown before the shooting of the movie takes place). A Datukship is not that easy to get in the past, but this time around, it's like almost anyone deserves a Datukship, even foreigners as well.

Unfortunately, SRK didn't attend to receive his Datukship at the award ceremony in Malacca, sadly, for reasons unknown (Maybe SRK didn't know where Malacca is in the first place).

So what is the actual reason of SRK's absence? Maybe it's because SRK pranked on Malacca?

They agreed to head towards Malacca during that time. However...

Shah Rukh was missing during the prestigious award ceremony in Malacca.

The real truth was...

Shah Rukh plotted to go to Singapore and have some fun, and entertainment instead!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

3rd Sem, 3rd Happy Go Lucky?

Hello to all enthusiastic bloggers and readers out there!

I'm here to let you guys know that I will be occupying most of my blogging time on college studies and gaming right now. So most likely I would only blog given that I have ample free time, usually on Fridays or on weekends.

So those looking forward for more of my 4koma/picture comics, be patient, because I need to think up of inspiring ideas for my comics.

Anyway, it was the end of my first week of my third semester right here at my humble and modest TAR college. After commenting on my MAF lecturer in my previous post, I ought to continue to further comment (or ranting) on my other three lecturers as well.

Organisation and Human Resource

With 25 years of teaching experience and educating hundreds of hundreds of business students in the past, it is without a doubt that our lecturer for Human Resource, Mr. Roland Cheng. Hm, should I call him by Mr. Roland or should I call him Mr. Cheng? Anyway, who cares. The lecture was around late in the evening, so I was guessing most of my college friends would be cursing for having to come to college to attend just two hours of late lecture.

We started off with our lecture with a brief walkthrough on the subject syllabus. And surprise, surprise, he hit us with the assignment already!

Basically, we should start off our assignment by watching movies! Oh yeah, what a fun way to start off our project!

The movies we were supposed to watch consist of these right here:

Here's the trick. Assignments are always tricky as it is. I would have to choose one of these movies here, and analyze them based on what I learned from the HR subject I'm learning, such as aspects of work coordination, teamwork, leadership, motivation, etc. etc. that we usually miss and take for granted while we watch these kind of movies.

I would definitely love to choose Gladiator, it has been my favorite movie since I had watched it back during my younger years. But Happy Feet?! I was like holy cow, Happy Feet?!

Back to lecture period, the syllabus is something like a stranger to us, most likely because it contained a lot of technical and economical keywords that are pretty unfamiliar to us. (I blame myself for not reading the Business section in the newspapers lately) Some of my friends weren't quite keen on taking interest or paid attention, and one complained 'It's like learning back Bz'ness Information Systems all over again. There's so many long and long words!'

I actually am looking forward to learning more on HR. Can't wait to get my hands on managing people in the future. I'm tired of being managed ever since.

Finance Fundamentals (FF)

And I thought FF is Final Fantasy! xD

This time, our FF lecturer is the funky Mr. Liaw. He seems to have a personality similiar to our previous Macroeconomics lecturer in the past, he likes to joke around, lets himself get 'bullied' by his students, but the good thing is, he taught the subject at a nice and slow pace. (Although students sarcastically complained the lecturer was too fast)

On the first day of FF lecture, the first chapter was looking relatively simple to understand. So it kinda bores me because there's not a lot of new stuff I could learn from the first chapter. I actually fell asleep around ten minutes back then. xD Sorry, Mr. Liaw!

Flipping through the lecture notes, I have realized, I have underestimated FF. It looks like there would be lots of calculations I need to embrace in the near future.

I guessed I would direly need to replace my old scientific calculator and replaced it with a financial calculator one day, if I happen to bump up to any hard and time-consuming mathematics in this subject.

Financial Accounting (FA)

Alas, yet another accounting subject.

Our FA subject is conducted by our very own programme supervisor, Ms. Ng. She may have a charming face and a well-contoured body, but oh boy, she sure was strict and wise!

First chapter, it's time to catch up to one of our accounting chapters we have learnt during our SPM year - Partnership! Well, nothing much really.

But here's the interesting bit. Apparently, my group of friends who were persistent to change our timetable and demand rights and justice for Group 3 came face to face with Ms. Ng in her office. During that time, I was just tagging along, or actually 'forced' along to 'negotiate' with her, kononnya that I have the influence as the Class Rep to convince her =_=

(I'm not close to her yet, why not point the finger at the Cat? He knows her more than I do!)

First off, my friends started saying Group 3 is always getting bullied at every semester. They are asking Ms. Ng to consider other students in our group as well, saying that some of them live very far away from college.

One friend in particular, said he came from Melaka. But actually, he stayed in the college hostel. My other friends, who live somewhere in Cheras, drive a car to college.

Me? I took the jam-packed and the slow 'tortoise and turtle like' KTM train from Kepong, having to cope with the weird concoction of perfume, cologne, armpit odour, sweat, and pungent herbal oil. And having to push other people around or get squashed so badly, and even fighting for a seat in the train. It would be even hell if I missed the train in the first place! And once I reached Central KL station, I would have to wait in long queues to get into the LRT train to make my way to college at last.

I would honestly say that my friends are having their lives going to college pretty easy compared to mine!

Unfortunately, it was predictable that we could not change our timetable at all. Ms. Ng, as wise as she looks, advised us to accept what is determined in our timetable now, and use our free time in college or come early and use the library or computer lab facilities, as well as working hard towards our studies and get a good CGPA, join some clubs and be elected in some kind of position so that we could impress the interviewers once we go to work.

My friends felt dissapointed. Because they're not the hardworking but more towards the carefree type of people in the first place.

I was just sitting back behind them, sneering. Why make so much fuss about a timetable? I got nothing to do at home anyway, so might as well I continue on my 'happy go lucky' streak in college! xD

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wet, Wet, Monday!

What a good way to start my first day of my third semester at college today. A wet, and heavy, rainy Monday!

I begin my life today by waking up late around 10am, thanks to my best-ever-alarm-clock-in-the-world, my mum.

I was taking it easy, changed into my clothes, newly washed and smelled fresh of washing detergent. After packing my bag, but really, there was nothing much to pack other than a bottle, a folder and a 'Kite Runner' book to be lent to my college mate, 'Michael'.

When suddenly, my mum nagged me to bring my umbrella along. I was nagging that it would my bag heavy. However, she urged me to bring that umbrella. Then I said alright, I will get hold of my umbrella. I sulked.

Luckily, it was a carefree day for me today. The train wasn't as jam packed like it was in the mornings, and it was such a breezy train ride to college. And I mean it, it was breezy. The KTM has finally fixed its air-conditioning. Or maybe it's because I took the train that is not broken down yet.

I reached college about half an hour earlier before my first Management Accounting Fundamentals (MAF) starts. As I was searching the canteen for a can of Nescafe coffee, I suddenly took interest in one boy that I saw there.

..No, not that gay-crush relationship you're imagining now.

I was 'impressed' and 'shocked' at the same time to see his hair dyed BLUE. And oh my, it sure was a BRIGHT BLUE, alright!

Moving on to lecture now, my new MAF lecturer is Mr. Sam Chew. I kept wondering whether is that really his full name or not, but I don't think there would be any benefits for finding out anyway. Mr. Sam (or Uncle Chew as my friend called him) was easy going and certainly took his time explaining his lecture nicely, compared to my Fundamentals of Accounting lecturer who talks like a rattling broken machine gun from my second semester.

So far, it's the first week of my third semester. I haven't fully see Mr. Sam's full nature yet, so this is just an unconclusive testimonial of him. Although he did warned that the subject I am learning under him will be pretty tough.

He said that he will be worried if his students said MAF is easy for them. Because he thinks maybe his students doesn't understand the subject at all in the first place.


Now, here comes the worse part to start my Monday. It suddenly rained cats and dogs.

Phew, how glad I am for having to listen to my mom's nagging and brought the umbrella with me today!

I ran to the bus station, get on the college bus, and later took the train home. (I'm in a rush to end my blog because I'm sleepy xD)

And even with an umbrella along, my shoes, socks and jeans are still soaking wet.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Last Day of Holiday

This morning, I've been having a stomach ache. Maybe it's because of the dangerous sambal I ate. What a day to start my Sunday blues, and enjoying the remains of my last day of holiday.

I was so exulted for having the freedom to celebrate my semester holidays after that grueling second semester I had with my accounting course. In fact, I've been so delightful, I have even wrongly assumed that my semester holidays would be a blissful 3-months duration! Fortunately (or unfortunately), Sweet N alerted me on the Messenger that our new third college semester timetable is already out!

After a quick glance on the timetable, I have noticed that my holidays will only last a meager duration of 2 weeks!

And Sweet N was sneering what would have happened if I still think my holidays is 3 months. I bet my whole college would be head-hunting for me.

By tomorrow, I would have joined my college mates who have dreaded coming to college to start a 'mundane' study life all over again. And to add salt to the misery, most of our group members felt dissapointed about our new timetable this time.

Here's my timetable. So take a long look at it if you want, peeps!

Being the neat and systematic addict, paying close attention to details, and having a sluggish brain, you could see my timetable has some highlights and writings here and there, and a '12pm and 6 pm time gap' to make my timetable easier to see and interpret.

I will be having four subjects, but this time, I will be having lectures and tutorials for the whole week. For the past two semesters, I had Monday as our 'RnR' day.

The four subjects with the longest names I have ever seen in my life (which you might not be interested in it anyway if you ain't a Business student) are:-
1. Management Accounting Fundamentals
2. Financial Accounting
3. Financing Fundamentals
4. Organization and Human Resource

And oh yes, I will be having three male lecturers and one sole female lecturer for Financial Accounting. Fancy that.

If you see the timetable (click on it to zoom it), pay attention to group 3, my group. Not only we will have to cope with late lectures, we probably have the worst tutorial classes as an addition.

On Thursdays, our HR tutorial starts at 4.30pm and ends at 6pm, while other groups are having earlier classes. Moreover, on Fridays, our FA tutorial is from 12pm to 2pm, another late class, in which the other groups are not having.

My funky class mate happened to have sms-ed me and complained this:

Hey Vinnie! Why is the timetable so unfair to us?! We're always the one to stay back so late!!! Do they think we are so easy to be bullied at?!
Somehow, for the first time, I totally agreed with her!

The Runner-Up Streak

Lee Chong Wei has yet done it again.

This time, another unlucky third upset. After 'strolling' in the opening matches, quarter and semi finals in BWF Macau Open 2008, Lee Chong Wei has reached the finals yet again.

However, Lee Chong Wei was devastated and had a tough time competing against the very determined Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia who was set on winning his first title of the year and making a comeback from his early Beijing Olympics defeat against Malaysian player Wong Choong Han.

It had seemed that Taufik has improved a milestone, or maybe it's the burning passion inside him to win. Chong Wei has fought hard especially during the second set, but alas, he couldn't outlast his opponent.Taufik has defeated Chong Wei in straight sets 21-19, 21-15.

I believe it may have been another time when Chong Wei has made himself in the finals but has lost consequtively and instead only got himself another runner-up position. The other times I remembered was when Chong Wei was defeated by Lin Dan in the Beijing Olympics finals, and in the Japan Open finals against Sony Dwi Kuncuro of Indonesia.

I wouldn't know if this runner-up streak will keep on persist throughout the rest of the year, and I do hope Chong Wei wouldn't done the same thing again. Yes, he may have been one of the best badminton players in terms of recovery and tenacity, but he lacks the agility, responsiveness and aggressiveness like Lin Dan. He should develop a strategy to improve his performance on the court, or he will have his weakness wide-opened by other badminton players in the future.

As a hopeful fan of Chong Wei, I wished that Chong Wei will get back on his feet again, get himself together and make it all the way to the finals of the next Denmark Super Series on October 21. And this time, he should win the finals for god's sake!

However, I still rejoiced that the Malaysian men's doubles pair, Koo Kien Kiet and Tan Boon Heong have retained their Macau Open title by gaining victory over their Chinese-Taipei opponents. It was an intense fight for the both of them, and they deserve the cheers!

Amazing Prison Food Critics!

Teresa Kok - It's not about the food (Malay Mail)

You'll cringe as you eat (Malay Mail)

What I saw was disgusting (Malay Mail)

Detainees need balanced food (Malay Mail)

Remember the time when MP Teresa Kok was wrongly detained under ISA for one week? After her detention, she gave the country the 'hoo-ha!' and strongly complained about the prison food lacking taste and appeal, which she compares to as 'dog food'. Maybe it's because she had ate food not quite as what she had expected as dinner from home, and she had ate the same food that was served more than once. That could be the reasons.

Let's go back to when our MP was in detection, the day when she met the mischievous 'Prison Caretaker'.

Of course, Teresa isn't the only one complaining about the prison food's quality.

In fact, Raja Petra complained too, that he can't stomach the smelly Kamunting food.

Raja Petra can't 'stomach' Kamunting food (The Star)

We take a look back again at the day of his complain, and our 'Prison Caretaker', deviant as always, and see how he confronts Raja Petra and deal with his situation.

And our 'Prison Caretaker' still brags about the 'amazing' quality of his prison food.