Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Blues

This morning, mom told me there was a Timbaland Warehouse Sale today. (Yes, the one who made shirts and shoes) So I said, okay, why not check it out?

The warehouse was easy to locate in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, it happened to be in a big office building with a MPH book cafe in it. Strange, how could I have not noticed such a place back then?

Anyway, I chanced upon checking and trying out some Timbaland shirts, jackets, and shoes, all priced at a whopping 50% discount. But still, I think I have came at the wrong time. It was the last day of warehouse sale, and probably all the good shirt designs were already sold the day before. My eyes chanced upon a thick jacket with a hoodie, but when I lifted it up, it was quite heavy, and the price? RM200, a deduction of 1/2 the price of its original RM400 price tag. And yet, I did not buy it. Reason? Mom think I can't fit in the medium-sized jacket...

So in the end, I got out of the venue without purchasing anything, because there's nothing that interests me there. But at least I get to save my parents' money. I'm a sort of person who gets very thrifty with money, and I dare not waste a penny on something I don't like. Am I becoming too money-mindful? Is that good or bad?

Back home, I totally forgotten about studying despite it's my college semester exam fever now.

And guess what? Just 10 minutes ago before midnight, my dad locked me in the kitchen!! I was using the bathroom connected to the kitchen, when all of a sudden, dad switched off the kitchen lights and locked the door! = = Haven't I hated my dad enough?

Okay, there I was, after my bath, stood in front of the kitchen door. I turned the knob of the door and as I have expected, it was locked. And this is where the funny thing happen, I gave one punch to the door and suddenly it opened! Turns out, the door lock was spoiled! I was rubbing my chest, thinking, oh thank god, I don't have to sleep in the kitchen tonight!

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