Monday, September 22, 2008

Second Upset

No, no it's not me being upset again (Or actually, I did feel upset xP)

Chong Wei crashes out in Japan Open Final

World No 1 seeder, Olympic silver medalist and local Malaysian favorite, Lee Chong Wei has worked hard towards making it to the finals to make up for his loss in the Beijing Olympics, but couldn't defend his Japan Open badminton championship the last Sunday against Sony Dwi Kuncuro of Indonesia.

Sony, whom Chong Wei got an upper hand on him during the Beijing Olympics, has turned the tables on Chong Wei this time around, winning Chong Wei straight sets 21-17, 21-11 under 40 minutes. The results were almost a similiar outcome as when Chong Wei fought against Lin Dan in the Olympics finals.

It's clear that Chong Wei has somehow fell short in his recent performance, although he had lead a stream of victory on the way to the final, beating Zhu Weilun of China (first round), Sho Sasaki of Japan (2nd round) and Qin Yanbo of China (quarter finals)

It looks like deja vu has striked Chong Wei all over again, which actually reminded me of his lack of performances in past activities during the Athens Olympics, and though he gained back his footing before Beijing Olympics, the losing streak in the finals has somehow come to haunt him back.

Lee Chong Wei has made a great contribution towards encouraging the Malaysian youth in badminton, and I still actually have hopes that Chong Wei should beefed up his performance, be more agile and stop making too many unforced errors the next time.

China Masters is coming soon on Sept 23-28, and unfortunately Chong Wei won't be competing in it. He might be appearing again in the next Macau Open in the future. (Maybe Misbun couldn't bare let Chong Wei fight Lin Dan all over again?)

Chong Wei to skip China Masters

Cross our fingers, let's hope for the best for Chong Wei.

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