Monday, September 22, 2008

The Safest Milk

Asia is now troubled with milk. If you haven't read the news lately (or if you never take the initiative to touch the newspaper), then this is what you ought to know.

Tainted milk sickens thousands of babies

Ban on China products include confectionary

Stopping imports on tainted milk from China

Cabinet orders inspections, reform of dairy industry

Chinese parents seek answers on tainted milk product

Lately, the capital city of Beijing in China has been having a major health scare. Sanlu, a milk distribution company has been accused of adding a harmful and illegal chemical called melanine into its milk powder products. Melanine is a poisonous chemical used in the making of plastics, and it was added into milk powders to give the impression of high protein in their products.

Melanine in Wikipedia

In the end, after consuming the milk powder, 4 babies have died and nearly 530,000 babies are sick in China, and the number might keep on increasing at the end of the week.

I really symphatised on the current condition un China now, I wished the government would bring justice upon Sanlu and those corrupted people involved, but I also hoped that hospitals and clinics would try their best curing the babies.

In order to bring awareness on milk products in Malaysia, two friends are discussing what are the safest milks you could consume. (And I mean, halal milk)

Mother's milk! Isn't that right? That's the safest of all milks! Although the thing is, mom's milk can't be mass produced, sadly. (omg, imagine if that happen!)

Credits to my college mates, Jon and Miow for pic ^^ You are now the mini-stars, so be proud of that xD


  1. i'll be the first to mass produce them. first i may need to genetically engineer selected subjects so that they'll be able to produce milk on a larger capacity than human usually did :3

  2. (mana) omg you're sick xD

    how about experimenting on some potential victims, my dear mana? lol