Monday, September 29, 2008

PS3 Demise

Do you still remember when I posted a blog entry saying that I will be going for the Playstation 3 launch in One Utama the last time?

On that day, I was imagining myself playing Grand Theft Auto IV if I got hold of the console.

And I sometimes dream of playing Final Fantasy XIII and seeing my lovely Lightning.

But on that day, I just realized the launch day clashed with my final day of college semester examination.

And I was suffering during exam day.

Back home, my dad was telling me, in a polite tone, that I ought to buy the console on another day.

And my mom goes all wacky and gone on her protesting rantings.

And I have to eat my words when my friends kept on asking me on the phone and messenger whether I have bought the PS3.

And there's one friend who still remains optimistic until this very day.

1 comment:

  1. Lol, remember your previous post about the ps3 release in Msia? You should have wished for your ps3 rather than a study partner. See what happen when you wish for things you shouldn't?