Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lackluster, Jaded Week

I apologize for not updating my blog for about 4, 5 days now if you wouldn't mind. I have been terribly busy and bored at the same time while I'm thinking of ways to spend my immense amount of free time during my 3 months college semester holidays (oh the bliss!)

You know there's so many things that you have dream of doing when you were agonized during your studies right? I've been indulging in books that I have long to read, watching Koihime Musou anime which sadly has ended its first season at its 12th episode (and being amused at my cousin for having a fetish/crush on Chuun or the female Zhao Yun), continuously playing the same old Dota game,

But most of the time I've been taking naps on the couch or on the bed, sulking or complaining about the intense Malaysian heat while I turned on the air-conditioner.

If you were interested on what books I have read, well I actually have finished reading 4 books in one week straight! (bravo for me?) The rest of this blog entry is all about book ranting, I'm afraid, so if you're aren't an avid book reader, I suggest clicking on the Back button on your browser right now.

Well, here goes.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Yes, honestly this is the first book that I have finished reading it, and I really thank god that I finished reading this thick book in the first place! I've been reading section by section of it during college month, but for some reason, the loss of interest in history (or the fact that I am forced to cram in all those economic and business facts in my head during college) has stopped me from reading the last few chapters of the story.

Influence from Koihime Musou anime, literally depicting the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a female perspective, has got me addicted yet again to read this book once more.

The Undercover Economist

Just the mere mention of economics can either terrify or bore those to death who ain't interested in the world of economics, or put it simply, to those who aren't an economics student.

The cover depicting a spilled cup of coffee with a label on the cup saying 'This coffee is expensive!' might actually be true in today's profit-minding and penny-pinching society. Let's face it, do you often wonder why Starbucks and Coffee Bean are discriminating us for charging a high price on the coffee we buy? There's surely some reasons for it. This book starts off with the coffee theme, but later moves on from the coffee and starts talking on facts that matter to economics of today. Literally, this book may have indirectly trained me as an undercover economist and look at the world at a different perspective. (This book somehow reminds me of one of my queer college mate who likes to check out stock prices on Bursa Malaysia website, which kinda creeps me out!)

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Khaled Hosseini had wrote another masterpiece yet again. A follow-up to his first bestseller, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns captivate me with its splendid narration, opening my eyes and understanding the Islamic society, its cultures, religions and the cities.

But it's more than just that. The story tells about a lifelong journey of two women, Mariam and Laila, their stories of bravery, curiousity, relationships, hardships and discoveries they have to face.

It's no wonder it's the best fiction book for this year, I recommend this book to everyone who is reading my blog right now. Take the initiative to read this book, okay? Seriously, this book is just packed with goodness!


Okay, I might have made an akward decision for reading this book in the first place (I even bought the whole series until Breaking Dawn). What I have found out that this book has became tremendously popular among teenage girls around the world, and so, because I found out yet again that I can buy the whole series with a major discount from the Kinokuniya bookstore, I was like 'oh what the heck', if this book series is that good, I might as well see what made it that good.

Although I'm not a girl, but merely evaluating this book in terms of a male perspective, I could honestly tell you that the story all about vampirism love is indeed that thrilling and exciting, suffice to say. Hands down, it was a brilliant read, and no doubt, girls do enjoy reading all sorts of these love affairs and such.

In fact, I heard there will be a movie on Twilight around the end of December 2008, which is in fact 'forcibly' moving the premier date of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince movie to next year.

Move on, Harry Potter, vampires have come taken over the fan craze now!

ps: If you actually made it all the way here, I thank you for reading, and do recommend me books that you think I should read. I loved to read fictional books (but not text books), so do suggest me a few to read.

If you missed my comics, I am sorry to say I don't have any brilliant ideas right now. Although I was thinking on the issue of Teresa Kok and prison inmates having 'dog food' in prisons as my next comic project, I'd best leave it be for now.

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