Thursday, September 11, 2008

Koihime † Musou

I should have posted this yesterday night. But my politics-addict dad was using the only computer in the house to access the mirror site of Malaysia Today (and I was crazy to show him the location of the mirror site yesterday). I should have posted this this afternoon, but my garden-addict mom was watching videos of orchids and petunia on YouTube.

There's no rush in blogging, aight?

Let's see, yesterday was one of those exams in college in which I have least studied on. English! And the simpler type of English format than the one in my previous SPM exam. It was such a breeze doing the paper, maybe it's because I was sitting under the fan and next to the air-conditioner. And the really funny thing is, we (my DAC3 group mates) have attempted the English paper without having any knowledge about the change in the format.

And why is that? Well, apparently, whoever who prepared the green-ish question paper has forgotten to put in the important summary question. Maybe it's because for the sake of mercy, she did so. Credits for your intended regretfullness then, because we have so much time available to write a letter, an essay, a comprehension and a cloze passage less than 2 hours, and I even have 10 minutes spare time to take a quick nap in the exam hall xD

But after hearing from my 'dilettante' friend behind me who said that he was so confident doing an essay on 'Foreign Students in Malaysia', I was like, darn, my friend really could do English after all. And I was wishing someone would fail in English (how sarcastic of me)

2 subjects down, and 4 more to go! 4 craziest exam subjects in combo next week! Quantitative Studies, Macroeconomics, Business Information Systems and Accounting! Argh, I hate accounting and yet I'm an accounting student.

Having a happy go lucky day today, resisting the urge to study, I was watching a really cool anime about girls. Yes, all about girls!

What were you thinking actually?

Well, what if all of the main characters of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms were young teenage girls? I am talking about the newest anime Koihime † Musou! Yeap, it's another reimagining of the Three Kingdom novel with girls, but with a lighthearted tone and campy feel. On the plus side, there's no long-bearded man with furrowed brows, enlarged muscles, and condescending looks. And there's something to be said about Zhuge Liang being a cute little girl, Zhang Fei looking like an over-energetic toddler, and Lu Bu having a fondness for dogs.

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