Friday, September 12, 2008

I Scream for Screamyx!

Malaysia's very own broadband service provider, Streamyx. Or if you would call it as Screamyx or Snailmyx if you're one of those agonized users using it now, just like me!

Connection has been drastically slow today from noon till night, and I was waiting for my whole one episode of Koihime Musou to finish loading itself in Crunchyroll, and after impatiently waiting for three hours, it still hasn't even finish.

And if you're not satisfied with the intense slow-ness of Streamyx, they even tried to please you with their 'looks-tempting-on-the-outside-but-on-the-inside-it-sucks-so-bad' combo meals. Fancy a double cow burger with a drink, or a pack of nasi lemak with teh tarik? Empty promises on the go, fancy that!

Well, the naked truth is, this is so far the fastest broadband provider in Malaysia yet, maybe it's because because there are no competitors willing to challenge Streamyx in offering a faster broadband than TMNut (blame the monopoly power). This is Malaysia!

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