Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back From a Long Drought

After around 3 months of having deserted the blog and having it sympathized for being so empty and left to decay itself (with the picture of the maize plant growing on the road still obviously visible in my blog!), it's high time that I should cater to demands of my somewhat curious and concerned readers about my absence for quite a long time, although this post would actually prove that I'm finally for god's sake back to show you that I'm still alive out there.

During this course of 3 months, I have faced so many eventful and some uneventful days of my life. At times, I just feel so depressed, and I'm just too tired of complaining about my miseries on this blog. And there are times when I got in a mood to blog usually late at night before 12am, and I would be rudely interrupted by my queer dad who likes to turn on the TV next to my computer watching the usual shows that old men tend to watch like automobile shows, the history channel and tennis. (Ho ho tennis?) What's not surprising about that? It's not surprising really, but the thing is, he likes to turn off the volume and watch his shows muted! Can't you feel the agony of having to watch a tennis match between Federer and Djokovic when he suddenly mutes the TV when the crowd cheers? Worse still, he turn off the ceiling fan every night when he's down in his living room wearing his full-sleeved jacket... making me feel really, really hot and sweaty when I sit next to him = ="

And I can't get to watch my favourite anime Sekirei because it has started to show some interesting fanservice, but then I can't just watch it in front of my parents... I don't like my privacy being violated. I wanted my computer so badly to be moved up my room, and I wanted a laptop so dearly as well, but I just couldn't because my mom persists: The computer should stay in the living room so that she could watch what I'm doing on the computer.

I just happened to complete my Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan (in direct translation: Extended Malaysian Language) paper yesterday evening, and oh man, I sure rushed in filling up the answers in my answer booklet as I tried to race against time, there's only 2 hours allowed for writing and checking. And there are certain questions in which I give the nastiest answers I could think of, because I always don't think right sometimes...

There was this one question on 'What Causes Cancer?' You guys might have think that, oh it's the genes, or the smoking, and something else. But me? I wrote in that the people of Malaysia are too addicted to eating fast food like McDonalds! Oh man, I so regretted myself for writing such a silly answer.

But alas, at least it's over! It's over! Shake it, baby! 1 down, and... I still need to 'tame' 5 more subjects left. I sweat at that. Next is going to be the humble English paper, and oh man, I so loved English very much! I just hope the pain in my hand due to excessive writing from my past BM paper is gonna get off soon.

ps: Oh look, I just complain on my blog again. Isn't that natural of me? :3

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