Thursday, September 11, 2008

Amazing Race Asia (Episode One)

The Amazing Race Asia has finally hit its third season mark! Proclaiming itself 'the toughest race ever', the third season will feature ten teams of two, and they shall compete, not only physically but mentally, as well as traveling to countries around the world, in order to get the first place in the podium and win US$100,000 (RM 350,000). Wow, with that amount of money, I wouldn't get hungry so often.

The racing teams consist of two from India, two from Thailand, one from Philippines, one from Singapore, one from Hong Kong, and the first ever team from South Korea. And we're proud to have another 2 Malaysian teams. The first Malaysian team: brother and sister, Henry and Bernie (H&B). And the next Malaysian team: actress and heiress, Ida Nerina and Tania (I&T).

The first leg of the race starts off at Bangkok, Thailand. Once the charming Daniel Wu gave the signal to start, teams perform their first 'hard to chew' task, going to Khao San Road and munching on a big bowl of fried insects, and various gross foods, or so called Thailand's delicacies. Before doing their first task, we could see which teams are apparently choosing their mode of transportation. Some immediately got into taxis, and some got into 'put-put's. Others who are persistent enough to get a taxi instead of a put-put got themselves left behind temporarily.

Onto the second task, teams will have to clean an entire double decker bus at the Caltex petrol station. Another difficult task for teams yet again!

As a treat for teams, they are required to hop on the bus which they have cleaned and went to the next destination to perform their third task, Wat Phai Rong Wa (wow that was hard to spell). Upon reaching their destination, teams had to search over hundreds of Buddha statues late at night with only their torchlights as guides, to find for the clue, and they had to do so with the buses they arrived with departing within 20 minutes of arrival.

Once they reach the Chiang Mai bus station, teams have to perform a 'Detour' before continuing in the race. In Detour, teams can opt to go for 'Rice' or 'Race'. In 'Rice', teams will go to a paddy field to smash rice paste and make some rice dumplings. In 'Race', teams will go for a buggy race. The buggy race seems fun and cool, and yet there are still teams wanted to pound some rice paste and in the process, getting blisters on their hands.

Finally, teams are required to take a taxi (which looks to me like a mini bus) to Ratchaphruek Garden in Chiang Mai, the first pit stop of the race. H&B reached third on the pit stop eventhough they were leading during the starting of the leg, and while they were chasing up to Thai team, Mai & Oliver and Geoff & Tisha nearing the end of the leg. I&T reached 5th. The Indian cousins, Neena & Amit reached last, and as a consequence, having Daniel Wu to say 'You have been elimanated from the race'.

Placements during the 1st leg in order:
1. Mai & Oliver (Thai)
2. Geoff & Tisha (Phil)
3. Henry & Bernie (Mas)
4. Natalie & Pailin (Thai)
5. Ida & Tania (Mas)
6. William & Isaac (S. Kor)
7. Sam & Vince (HK)
8. AD & Fuzzie (Sin)
9. Niroo & Kapil (Ind)
10. Neena & Amit (Ind) --- bye

ps: I just have the urge to update about TARA3 to inform those who don't have Astro and are unable to watch the latest season :)

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