Monday, September 29, 2008

PS3 Demise

Do you still remember when I posted a blog entry saying that I will be going for the Playstation 3 launch in One Utama the last time?

On that day, I was imagining myself playing Grand Theft Auto IV if I got hold of the console.

And I sometimes dream of playing Final Fantasy XIII and seeing my lovely Lightning.

But on that day, I just realized the launch day clashed with my final day of college semester examination.

And I was suffering during exam day.

Back home, my dad was telling me, in a polite tone, that I ought to buy the console on another day.

And my mom goes all wacky and gone on her protesting rantings.

And I have to eat my words when my friends kept on asking me on the phone and messenger whether I have bought the PS3.

And there's one friend who still remains optimistic until this very day.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


My first tag from Anne.

Here goes.

1. What is the most important thing in your life?
Family comes first, loved my naggy mum and queer dad.

2. What is the last thing you bought with your own money?
Fancy that, I recently bought a MARS chocolate bar made in China! And I still got the chills to eat it or not.

3. Where do you wish to get married?
Tokyo, Japan! D:

4. How old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover?
That's a question I wish I could get a answer for that too. How about you be my lover and answer that for me? x3

5. Are you in love?
I'm in love with tsunderes! I want my Tsukiumi!

6. Where was the last restaurant you had dinner at?
Pizza Hut with my family. Haha! But it has been a pain having pizza with my mum and dad, because my dad only eats pepperoni pizza, I wanted to eat stuffed-crust, and my mum goes into cincai mode. In the end, we order 2 large pizzas for a family of three...

7. Name the latest book you bought?
Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (srsly I thought I bought the wrong type of book for myself)

8. What is your full name?
Right on your right hand side of this blog. See?

9. Do you prefer mother or father?
None. Haha joking, both.

10. Name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time.
Lee Chong Wei. I had this recent nightmare of me talking with him on my bed.

11. Christina or Britney?
And I can't get to choose Ellen Degeneres or Oprah now?

12. Do you do your own laundry?
My washing machine does it for me. I'm such a lazy bum.

13. The most exciting place you want to go?
Tokyo, Japan yet again!

14. Hugs or kisses?

15. Point out five things about the person who tagged you.
i. Claimed to be retarded.
ii. Slightly kinky.
iii. Very carefree.
iv. Happy go lucky.
v. Loaded with sugar sweetness.

16. Eight things I'm passionate about.
i. Anime
ii. Manga
iii. Cosplay
iv. Magazines
v. Snacks
vi. Games
vii. Chatting.
viii. Sulking.

17. Eight books I have read recently.
i. Romance of the Three Kingdoms
ii. A Thousand Splendid Suns
iii. Twilight
iv. The Undercover Economist
v. The Magicians' Guild
vi. Newspaper
vii. Marley and Me
viii. His Dark Materials (Golden Compass)

18. 8 songs I've been listening over and over again.
i. Morning Musume - Mikan
ii. Hey! Say! JUMP - Your Seed
iii. Gackt - Last Song
iv. L'arc~en~Ciel - Seventh Heaven
v. UVERworld - Colours of Your Heart
vi. Red Alert OST - Hell March Remix
vii. Final Fantasy OST
viii. Utada Hikaru - Travelling

19. 8 things I learned this year
i. Being compassionate.
ii. Open up.
iii. Stop being retarded.
iv. Study hard.
v. Take notice of my surroundings.
vi. Being hospitable.
vii. Stop complaining.
viii. Sleeping is good!

20. 8 people you tag
i. Rarsa
ii. Mana
iii. Fan Wai
iv. Miow
v. Sweet Ann
vi. Songher
vii. Biiang
viii. Andrew Yem

And here's a Mythbusters video as a payback for getting me tagged. By the way, when you watch it, make sure you keep on repeating it! D:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lackluster, Jaded Week

I apologize for not updating my blog for about 4, 5 days now if you wouldn't mind. I have been terribly busy and bored at the same time while I'm thinking of ways to spend my immense amount of free time during my 3 months college semester holidays (oh the bliss!)

You know there's so many things that you have dream of doing when you were agonized during your studies right? I've been indulging in books that I have long to read, watching Koihime Musou anime which sadly has ended its first season at its 12th episode (and being amused at my cousin for having a fetish/crush on Chuun or the female Zhao Yun), continuously playing the same old Dota game,

But most of the time I've been taking naps on the couch or on the bed, sulking or complaining about the intense Malaysian heat while I turned on the air-conditioner.

If you were interested on what books I have read, well I actually have finished reading 4 books in one week straight! (bravo for me?) The rest of this blog entry is all about book ranting, I'm afraid, so if you're aren't an avid book reader, I suggest clicking on the Back button on your browser right now.

Well, here goes.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Yes, honestly this is the first book that I have finished reading it, and I really thank god that I finished reading this thick book in the first place! I've been reading section by section of it during college month, but for some reason, the loss of interest in history (or the fact that I am forced to cram in all those economic and business facts in my head during college) has stopped me from reading the last few chapters of the story.

Influence from Koihime Musou anime, literally depicting the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a female perspective, has got me addicted yet again to read this book once more.

The Undercover Economist

Just the mere mention of economics can either terrify or bore those to death who ain't interested in the world of economics, or put it simply, to those who aren't an economics student.

The cover depicting a spilled cup of coffee with a label on the cup saying 'This coffee is expensive!' might actually be true in today's profit-minding and penny-pinching society. Let's face it, do you often wonder why Starbucks and Coffee Bean are discriminating us for charging a high price on the coffee we buy? There's surely some reasons for it. This book starts off with the coffee theme, but later moves on from the coffee and starts talking on facts that matter to economics of today. Literally, this book may have indirectly trained me as an undercover economist and look at the world at a different perspective. (This book somehow reminds me of one of my queer college mate who likes to check out stock prices on Bursa Malaysia website, which kinda creeps me out!)

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Khaled Hosseini had wrote another masterpiece yet again. A follow-up to his first bestseller, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns captivate me with its splendid narration, opening my eyes and understanding the Islamic society, its cultures, religions and the cities.

But it's more than just that. The story tells about a lifelong journey of two women, Mariam and Laila, their stories of bravery, curiousity, relationships, hardships and discoveries they have to face.

It's no wonder it's the best fiction book for this year, I recommend this book to everyone who is reading my blog right now. Take the initiative to read this book, okay? Seriously, this book is just packed with goodness!


Okay, I might have made an akward decision for reading this book in the first place (I even bought the whole series until Breaking Dawn). What I have found out that this book has became tremendously popular among teenage girls around the world, and so, because I found out yet again that I can buy the whole series with a major discount from the Kinokuniya bookstore, I was like 'oh what the heck', if this book series is that good, I might as well see what made it that good.

Although I'm not a girl, but merely evaluating this book in terms of a male perspective, I could honestly tell you that the story all about vampirism love is indeed that thrilling and exciting, suffice to say. Hands down, it was a brilliant read, and no doubt, girls do enjoy reading all sorts of these love affairs and such.

In fact, I heard there will be a movie on Twilight around the end of December 2008, which is in fact 'forcibly' moving the premier date of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince movie to next year.

Move on, Harry Potter, vampires have come taken over the fan craze now!

ps: If you actually made it all the way here, I thank you for reading, and do recommend me books that you think I should read. I loved to read fictional books (but not text books), so do suggest me a few to read.

If you missed my comics, I am sorry to say I don't have any brilliant ideas right now. Although I was thinking on the issue of Teresa Kok and prison inmates having 'dog food' in prisons as my next comic project, I'd best leave it be for now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Safest Milk

Asia is now troubled with milk. If you haven't read the news lately (or if you never take the initiative to touch the newspaper), then this is what you ought to know.

Tainted milk sickens thousands of babies

Ban on China products include confectionary

Stopping imports on tainted milk from China

Cabinet orders inspections, reform of dairy industry

Chinese parents seek answers on tainted milk product

Lately, the capital city of Beijing in China has been having a major health scare. Sanlu, a milk distribution company has been accused of adding a harmful and illegal chemical called melanine into its milk powder products. Melanine is a poisonous chemical used in the making of plastics, and it was added into milk powders to give the impression of high protein in their products.

Melanine in Wikipedia

In the end, after consuming the milk powder, 4 babies have died and nearly 530,000 babies are sick in China, and the number might keep on increasing at the end of the week.

I really symphatised on the current condition un China now, I wished the government would bring justice upon Sanlu and those corrupted people involved, but I also hoped that hospitals and clinics would try their best curing the babies.

In order to bring awareness on milk products in Malaysia, two friends are discussing what are the safest milks you could consume. (And I mean, halal milk)

Mother's milk! Isn't that right? That's the safest of all milks! Although the thing is, mom's milk can't be mass produced, sadly. (omg, imagine if that happen!)

Credits to my college mates, Jon and Miow for pic ^^ You are now the mini-stars, so be proud of that xD

Second Upset

No, no it's not me being upset again (Or actually, I did feel upset xP)

Chong Wei crashes out in Japan Open Final

World No 1 seeder, Olympic silver medalist and local Malaysian favorite, Lee Chong Wei has worked hard towards making it to the finals to make up for his loss in the Beijing Olympics, but couldn't defend his Japan Open badminton championship the last Sunday against Sony Dwi Kuncuro of Indonesia.

Sony, whom Chong Wei got an upper hand on him during the Beijing Olympics, has turned the tables on Chong Wei this time around, winning Chong Wei straight sets 21-17, 21-11 under 40 minutes. The results were almost a similiar outcome as when Chong Wei fought against Lin Dan in the Olympics finals.

It's clear that Chong Wei has somehow fell short in his recent performance, although he had lead a stream of victory on the way to the final, beating Zhu Weilun of China (first round), Sho Sasaki of Japan (2nd round) and Qin Yanbo of China (quarter finals)

It looks like deja vu has striked Chong Wei all over again, which actually reminded me of his lack of performances in past activities during the Athens Olympics, and though he gained back his footing before Beijing Olympics, the losing streak in the finals has somehow come to haunt him back.

Lee Chong Wei has made a great contribution towards encouraging the Malaysian youth in badminton, and I still actually have hopes that Chong Wei should beefed up his performance, be more agile and stop making too many unforced errors the next time.

China Masters is coming soon on Sept 23-28, and unfortunately Chong Wei won't be competing in it. He might be appearing again in the next Macau Open in the future. (Maybe Misbun couldn't bare let Chong Wei fight Lin Dan all over again?)

Chong Wei to skip China Masters

Cross our fingers, let's hope for the best for Chong Wei.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


24 hour remand for blogger Kickdefella

In the end, sadly our blogger Kickdefella has to join the cast of Prison Break.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exam Irony

I probably be absent from any blogging activity for 1 week starting today. Exam stress has been killing me ever since.

And I've got another reason to add up on why it is *murdering me*, my last exam on this Saturday, 20 Sept., clashes with the official local launch of Playstation 3 in One Utama!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

'Facepalm' on ISA

Tan Hoon Cheng, Sin Chew journalist detained: Reason

Sin Chew journalist, Tan Hoon Cheng was detained under the Internal Security Act, alleged to have been arrested over her report on former Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks while campaigning for the Permatang Pauh by-election last month.

Come on, of all the reporters who reported on that matter, she got the blame? Didn't all the newspapers reported about that incident? She was merely doing her job as an acclaimed journalist, for crying out loud.

And come to think of it, people were confused, questioning 'Why her and the others, but not Ahmad who got suspended for 3 years instead of being detained by ISA? Isn't he the source of all this multiracial controversy, no?'

And then, here's a weird twist.

Malaysia releases ethnic Chinese journalist, Tan Hoon Cheng

Just a day after being detained, on Saturday afternoon, 13 September, police have released her, saying that Tan has cooperated with the police.

The next reason they gave for her arrest? Here's the really obnoxious part.

"She is not a security threat," he said, adding that one of the reasons she was taken into custody was because "we received reports her life was threatened."

That's gotta be the most ridiculous reason I have ever heard. She got detained because she was threatened!

This comes to show that no one is safe from the long hands of the crudity of justice in Malaysia.

Tan deserved to be grateful to receive a warm hug from her mother after her unfair arrest that day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

BN & PKR in Taiwan

PKR send team to Taiwan to learn 'AGRICULTURE'

5 PKR members leave for Taiwan

Malaysian politics at its funniest and obnoxious yet!

Are they really going to learn 'agriculture' in Taiwan? Or are they just gonna drink coffee together?

I just can't understand politics.

I Scream for Screamyx!

Malaysia's very own broadband service provider, Streamyx. Or if you would call it as Screamyx or Snailmyx if you're one of those agonized users using it now, just like me!

Connection has been drastically slow today from noon till night, and I was waiting for my whole one episode of Koihime Musou to finish loading itself in Crunchyroll, and after impatiently waiting for three hours, it still hasn't even finish.

And if you're not satisfied with the intense slow-ness of Streamyx, they even tried to please you with their 'looks-tempting-on-the-outside-but-on-the-inside-it-sucks-so-bad' combo meals. Fancy a double cow burger with a drink, or a pack of nasi lemak with teh tarik? Empty promises on the go, fancy that!

Well, the naked truth is, this is so far the fastest broadband provider in Malaysia yet, maybe it's because because there are no competitors willing to challenge Streamyx in offering a faster broadband than TMNut (blame the monopoly power). This is Malaysia!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Amazing Race Asia (Episode One)

The Amazing Race Asia has finally hit its third season mark! Proclaiming itself 'the toughest race ever', the third season will feature ten teams of two, and they shall compete, not only physically but mentally, as well as traveling to countries around the world, in order to get the first place in the podium and win US$100,000 (RM 350,000). Wow, with that amount of money, I wouldn't get hungry so often.

The racing teams consist of two from India, two from Thailand, one from Philippines, one from Singapore, one from Hong Kong, and the first ever team from South Korea. And we're proud to have another 2 Malaysian teams. The first Malaysian team: brother and sister, Henry and Bernie (H&B). And the next Malaysian team: actress and heiress, Ida Nerina and Tania (I&T).

The first leg of the race starts off at Bangkok, Thailand. Once the charming Daniel Wu gave the signal to start, teams perform their first 'hard to chew' task, going to Khao San Road and munching on a big bowl of fried insects, and various gross foods, or so called Thailand's delicacies. Before doing their first task, we could see which teams are apparently choosing their mode of transportation. Some immediately got into taxis, and some got into 'put-put's. Others who are persistent enough to get a taxi instead of a put-put got themselves left behind temporarily.

Onto the second task, teams will have to clean an entire double decker bus at the Caltex petrol station. Another difficult task for teams yet again!

As a treat for teams, they are required to hop on the bus which they have cleaned and went to the next destination to perform their third task, Wat Phai Rong Wa (wow that was hard to spell). Upon reaching their destination, teams had to search over hundreds of Buddha statues late at night with only their torchlights as guides, to find for the clue, and they had to do so with the buses they arrived with departing within 20 minutes of arrival.

Once they reach the Chiang Mai bus station, teams have to perform a 'Detour' before continuing in the race. In Detour, teams can opt to go for 'Rice' or 'Race'. In 'Rice', teams will go to a paddy field to smash rice paste and make some rice dumplings. In 'Race', teams will go for a buggy race. The buggy race seems fun and cool, and yet there are still teams wanted to pound some rice paste and in the process, getting blisters on their hands.

Finally, teams are required to take a taxi (which looks to me like a mini bus) to Ratchaphruek Garden in Chiang Mai, the first pit stop of the race. H&B reached third on the pit stop eventhough they were leading during the starting of the leg, and while they were chasing up to Thai team, Mai & Oliver and Geoff & Tisha nearing the end of the leg. I&T reached 5th. The Indian cousins, Neena & Amit reached last, and as a consequence, having Daniel Wu to say 'You have been elimanated from the race'.

Placements during the 1st leg in order:
1. Mai & Oliver (Thai)
2. Geoff & Tisha (Phil)
3. Henry & Bernie (Mas)
4. Natalie & Pailin (Thai)
5. Ida & Tania (Mas)
6. William & Isaac (S. Kor)
7. Sam & Vince (HK)
8. AD & Fuzzie (Sin)
9. Niroo & Kapil (Ind)
10. Neena & Amit (Ind) --- bye

ps: I just have the urge to update about TARA3 to inform those who don't have Astro and are unable to watch the latest season :)