Monday, June 16, 2008

Meal Survey

What would you want for a snack? Here's some options:

1. Popcorn made out of a corn from a plant growing next to a road.

2. A dumpling left refrigerated for one week.

3. Picked, dried and unique ginger bites bought from Cold Storage, KLCC.

4. A munch off a carrot (rabbit meat included upon request).

5. Sushi for two, just you and me (with mild wasabi and soya sauce).

Anyway, whenever you get your pets out for a walk, always take care of their safety, because who knows how dangerous the roads in Malaysia can be! That's why you need life-saving, shiny, and greenish protective jackets for your pets. Sorry, no free-size available.

Unfortunately, my dog doesn't appreciate having extra protection though :/

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