Sunday, June 15, 2008

Banana Pie

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I ate McD's Banana Pie today, that's why my newest blog entry has such a random title xD

My dog sleeps so much better when there's that sweet smell of banana pie next to him. I kinda felt guilty for giving him the empty packet though ^^"

Anyway, my birthday (2nd June) had came and gone so fast, so soon. Thanks a lot for the wishes, and even some wonderful presents and cards some of you guys gave me D: I loved the birthday card with the dog picture given to me. Gotta kiss my parents for that!

And look! Even an insurance company sent me a birthday card. o_O How 'sweet' of them to offer me a 'Free Financial Health Check' as soon as I turned 18.

Can you see that Manchester United logo there too? O__o

And yes! My grandest birthday gift I have ever received in my entire life! A brand new car!!

... Wait. Don't expect me to get myself a Vios, Honda City, or even the humble Myvi or Kelisa. Instead I got a second-hand Honda Accord, purchased by my dad from my closest uncle at a meager price of RM 15,000. No, not the newest generation of Accord... it's prolly around the 5th generation. 1990s model... call it a granddad's model, if you might say.

So how do I feel about getting the new car? I felt traumatized, not proud, but traumatized! But then... as I'm getting used to the car (lucky for me, it's Auto), and then after a week, the car is giving some nasty problems, like how an old car is acting up. Parts for the car are hard to come by, so in the end, my dad made up an irrational decision and sell off the car back to my uncle! =__= Curses! Oh well, I still loved you, daddy for getting me a car, but make sure it's at least a Myvi this time!

Here are some pictures of the car the day when it was brought to the house. Take note of the license plate by the way! Lucky 7777! Dad said my uncle bought that exclusive license plate for around 2 or 3 grand... that's affordable.

And... the really sad thing is... I lost my lovely CJ7 keychain doll on my way to college!!

Rest in peace, my beloved doll T^T Luckily, it's so fortunate of you to cost only RM3 at a local night market! xDDD

Hah! Got you, you rascal cat! :0

Go, go doggy! Chase after the cat!!!

(swt) Darn it, how could you welcome the cat into the house??? =_="

I think that's all for now, nothing interesting I could think of to add here :/ I don't think you guys want to see my constant ranting about how difficult college life is ._.

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  1. OMG vinnie!! >_<
    yay! my arts get featured!
    it's been a while since i last came here... ^_^ the whole blog has a fresher look!
    btw, cute dog and nice car you have! >_< i didn't drive for months and i surely forgot everything.. haiz...