Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Visit

Yesterday, my mom was urging me that I should have studied in Sunway College to take CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) next month. The reasons: CAT at Sunway is so much cheaper, it is estimated to cost at just RM35,000 because CAT studies are conducted locally. And as you would have known, Sunway is always globally renowned for accounting. And I told her, why don't we go visit Sunway College today and inquire the counselor there?

I regretted saying those words, because early this morning, my mum wanted the both of us to go to Sunway College -_-

It was tough and a lil' time consuming to get there in the first place. (It's even more troublesome than going to TAR College) We first have to take the KTM train... which is overcrowded with people, and from Central KL station, we took a LRT train ride to Kelana Jaya. Later, we took a Rapid KL bus to Sunway Pyrmaid, and one last thing, waiting for one yellow mini bus (the bus is really small, but at least it's comfortable) to Sunway College. Finally. It took around 2 1/2 hours to reach there from my humble home in Kepong.

The moment I entered Sunway College, I just opened my mouth in awe. The campus is really beautiful and it is equipped with modern and top-notch facilities. It's so much different than my 'under-budget' TAR college. And even the cafeteria looks so welcoming, with stalls offering wide varieties of food that looked delicious, and a San Francisco cafe in the heart of the cafeteria. I saw students dressed in some expensive-looking casual clothes, and most of them sport an Ipod, notebooks or some good-looking phones.

It's not that hard to find the counselor. The information centre is just at the front entrance. I met a nice counselor there, and he definitely helped me a lot in further explaining more about my CAT course.

It seemed that in CAT, I will only study accounting related stuff, nothing extra. He later told me that I have an option to pursue Pre-U studies, and later continue on with an undergraduate degree, and later study in Victoria University in Australia or Lancaster University in UK. (He even further impressed me when he showed proof of Lancaster Uni being the Top 3 UK university *_*) Unfortunately, it's way over my study budget, and the fee is almost trebled compared to CAT. But studying for Bachelors is more worth it, because I get to study more than just accounting in it.

Then I further analysed the syllabus for the undergraduate study for Accounting, and would you look at that, I'm learning exactly the same syllabus as I did in TAR. Since the day I started studying my Diploma in TAR, I was always wondering about my college's claim that its Diploma level is equivalent to a Bachelors degree. It looks so darn true.

TAR or Sunway? Go for cheap or pricey? Both offer the same quality of education at different prices to be exact. What is your choice? You decide.

After the chit-chat, there's something interesting to note when I was around Sunway city. The city looked so much like a mini Las Vegas in Nevada, though it lacks the casino and the gambling. There are hotels, a theme park, a golf course, a good hospital, good education (Sunway College and Monash University are like neighbors), a beautiful hostel, and houses that looked too good for a normal-income family to live in, although I'm curious as to why the Sunway Monorail train stopped operating. I heard that the monorail train goes into Sunway College itself (And I really mean, into the college)

But despite all those luxurious facilities and accommodations available in Sunway, the one thing that seemed so obvious to my eyes, at how competitive taxi industries can be in Sunway. There was a long line of red taxis parked along the road leading into the college, waiting and attracting students for a ride around town. The Indian taxi drivers were particularly merciless and would try their hardest to charge the highest taxi fare as possible. (I asked one and he said, a ride back to Sunway Pyramid will cost RM20. I was like... wtf?) I took a Chinese's taxi instead, he's quite a nice old man, and he charges a flat rate of only RM5. He even advised me not to take an Indian's taxi because they usually 'killed' their passengers by charging expensive taxi fares. Phew... don't call me a racist through that statement there.

I came back home around 5pm, just in time to watch American Idol results show. David Cook vs. David Archuleta, now that is what I really anticipate to see! My bet goes to David Cook. (Sorry, Archuleta fans out there!)


"Top-scoring students who get a place in a Malaysian branch of a foreign university such as Monash University, Nottingham University, Curtin University of Technology and Swinburne Unversity will also be offered scholarships."

(Please read my previous blog entry about this.)

I forgotten one key piece of information that I believe you should share this with any ex-SPM students whom you knew. Apparently, when I asked the counselor at Sunway College about the JPA/ PSD claim that they are offering scholarship to students (9As and above) to study in Monash University (Monash is just next to Sunway, if you don't know), apparently he said that the PSD never planned about such a thing with Monash. I wouldn't know about the other universities though, but I heard that the decision (to offer scholarship in the universities above) was made out of the blue in a very sudden manner. There was no clear and solid information or proof regarding this matter either. And how would you apply for such a scholarship from PSD or how would you know if you will get it? Don't ask me, I'm just a humble informer.

You could probably take a risk. Register a place into Monash, and send the offer letter to PSD to tell them that you have a place there. And maybe they will give you the scholarship? Nah, it couldn't be that easy, right? ...Right?

(My rotten English is really taking its toll on me. I should probably get back to my fictional books asap)

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