Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Usual Life Being Stuck at Home

Other than the fact that I went to the art shop to buy some inking pens (and mindlessly strutting around in PJ), I was stuck at home minding my own business. My computer is just begging to have me turn it off, because I was using it for 5, 6 hours straight.

Yesterday, I was having this conversation with someone who was asking me about Playstation 3. Thinking that I am a proclaimed gaming guru, he was asking me whether is it possible whether the pirated industry will release a PS3 that is specifically modified to play pirated PS3 games.

I told him it's an impossibility. The PS3 is primarily designed to prevent any forms of game piracy. It uses the authentic and the biggest capacity optical disk which uses the state-of-the-art Blu-Ray technology, which of course prevents any form of illegal copying of any content within the disc.

He repeated the question to me, asking whether if it's actually possible to have PS3 games copied to an empty Blu-Ray disc or a normal DVD disc? (Obviously, he is showing his immaturity to me.)

I said: No. The PS3 is only capable to play Blu-Ray media alone. Even an empty Blu-Ray disc costs around RM150-RM200, while one PS3 game costs RM200. Why make pirated copies out of the original, when a gamer can instead, buy the original that is deemed a better quality and more worth a gamer's money? (Although a gamer wouldn't get to return the game to the game store owner if he doesn't like that game) If you are a proud owner of a PS3, then be a little rational and buy games that are good, popular, and nice storyplot and repetitive gameplay.

He asked me again (intentionally getting me annoyed) whether is a pirate able to modify the PS3 in the first place?

I replied: Maybe yes, if he decided to break open a really expensive PS3 console and risk modifying any of its parts. Once it is modified, a PS3 might not perform all of its functions it was supposed to, and maybe stopped working. And, the machinery parts of the console are very pricey and rare, and worse yet, in Malaysia, you wouldn't expect any reliable warranty on purchasing a PS3 console that was shipped from overseas to here.

To further discourage him on asking me more questions on pirated PS3 issues, I told him: Stop being cheap-minded, you pussy. You Malaysians nowadays are just so tied in with piracy as a tradition. Kids have been playing pirated games on their PS2 consoles for years and years, and this has influenced their minds, making them to favor buying more pirated goods instead of the originals. They will have the mindset to condemn any efforts on countering issues of piracy, and will find new ways to get pirated products that are cheaper than the originals without minding the quality. Because they think that if they don't like it, they could always just throw it away without having the heart-ache of doing it.

And finally the Q-A session between him and I stopped. After 30 minutes or so, he asked me again.


"You wanted a PS3 that badly, right?"

I said: I don't have the cash to buy it. But I really wanted to get it so badly, yes I do! xD Just that I don't want to buy it that quick, I got studies to attend to, and the choices of games I wanted to buy for PS3 are so limited.

I only wanted to buy the PS3 to play these games only:

Final Fantasy XIII *_*
Final Fantasy XIII Versus :3

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