Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bully

This would more or less show my feelings for today. 8D

Ever feel what it's like to have your computer being 'monopolized' by one of your parents for almost the whole day? Just after getting back from temple after Wesak celebrations, all of a sudden, my dad turned on the computer on 9am, and kept on watching videos on political debates and elections in YouTube, and have his glasses on for the whole day reading blogs in MalaysiaKini website. In fact, I think I remembered seeing my dad reading Jeff Ooi's blog, or maybe Kit Siang's... I'm not entirely sure. He really spends a lot of time looking at Anwar Ibrahim's and Mahathir faces in YouTube for a really, really long time.

I finally get to have back my computer on 9pm, but I have to wait for two hours because my computer nearly overheats itself. I even put a big fan behind the system unit to cool it down xP In the mean time, I was chewing some chocolate cookies while watching thr
ee great shows on TV today. They are:

I just don't get it. Why do adults in their mid 50s seem so keen on politics? Have they nothing to talk with their friends in the office or at the mamak store? Oh by the way, my father never watches football or any entertainment shows (okay, yes, maybe a few shows on Wah Lah Toi and TVB on Astro) on the TV, so maybe I did somehow get my point there. :/

It's been a week since I've been playing Travian. What's Travian you say? Well, Travian is an online internet browser game, and it lets you build a city and control an army together with tens of thousands of players around the world. Take a look here:

It is a pretty addictive game despite the gameplay requires a lot of patience. I'm saying the real truth here, it DOES really need a heck LOTS OF PATIENCE. And I'm seem to be losing it. Not because I have to wait a few days to see my village being developed, but I've been constantly bombarded by 2 annoying female players who kept on raiding my city and stole my ever-important resources for 3 straight days in a row, and I bet it will continue untill my city crumbles one day.

What seems to make my village such an easy target for players? Sigh, I wish they stop cyber-bullying me -_- Give me some peace and a chance to play, darn it.

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