Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Anticipation

If you guys have been wondering why i failed badly in Travian, here's a reason. My village is right in the middle of nowhere and its position looks so... convincing for people to attack me.

Sorry I haven't been blogging these past few days. I have been reading a pretty good book I have bought from Kinokuniya. It's pretty cheap, the price is just around RM35, and the story plot is.. oh, so exciting!

Lankhmar by Fritz Leiber

From the moment they met, committing the same daring theft, Fafhrd, the giant barbarian warrior, and the Gray Mouser, master thief and swordsman, felt no ordinary affinity. Theirs was a friendship that would take them from adventure to adventure across all of Nehwon, from the caves of the inner earth to the waves of the outer sea. But it was in the dark alleys and backstreets of the great city of Lankhmar that they first become legends.

My semester break is going to end pretty, pretty soon. Can't wait to get back to college and get my lazy brain working again! The second semester is starting on Tuesday, and it's sure going to be more hectic and stressing than the first one.

Let's see... Tuesday class starts from 8am and ends on 7pm. WTF?? And we start off our semester with a counting subject? T^T oh lord have mercy on me.

Wednesday's class is from 8am to 5.30pm, Thursday's 4 to 6pm, and Friday's 2 to 4pm. Holy cow, why must all our classes end late? Well then, let's officially declare TAR College as the most kiasu and excessively put immense pressure on its students to be a lil' more hard-working then :0 Anyone wanna suggest demonstrations? lol

I even dyed my hair too. Finally! I used a common mocha color for my hair, something that my mum can agree of. She doesn't want me to use any funny dyes like white, red, blonde, or blue, or else she will faint xP

The dye is not noticable when I'm indoors, but once I'm out in the sun, it shines a bright brownish red. Too bad I can't get it on my camera though, the picture came out with my hair still black :/

Here's one artwork that I've been working on today. A fanart of Siv from Zint's Under 18 comic, which is available in our local Gempak magazine. I wished I could practice more on my lineart and coloring before I get back to college.

PS: My birthday coming up soon desudesudesu!! D: 2nd June, 2nd June, have that remembered?

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  1. lol hi soon, its shang here.
    lol at ur travian, if u cannot defeat them, why not make friends with them? ask them to let u in their alliance.

    i played this game before and i stopped because it was end of game when one guy got the wonders of the world.