Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pets... They're Entertaining

Snailmyx is nastily lagging around these days, and internet has been tremendously slow now. :/

So let's spin and spin around till this suffering ends xD

This morning at around 6am, I was so soundly asleep on my nice comfortable bed having a nice dream, when all of a sudden, my dad started budging into my room like a rhinoceros and rudely woke me up. You know, my body isn't physically prepared to get shocked and ready for the day just like that. I got like a terrible headache and a backache that time. After I took the dog out for a stroll, I went back to bed, slept until 1pm and luckily, my body isn't aching anymore. Phew~ That shows how important rest can be to keep your body healthy eh? @_@

I managed to capture some very interesting pictures of my cat. My cat (or should I say a big kitten) is taking care of one of its mother cat's newborn kittens. It's a really adorable kitten, with a nice white fur, and is still hasn't open its eyes yet.

And my cat is terrible at taking care of it. Because it's a male cat LOL! Pity the tiny white kitten though, it has mistaken my cat for its mother xD

See how the cat pushed away the tiny white kitten from the sheet of newspaper. Bad kitty! :(

My dog, Rocky is living like a king in the house. It has grown pretty fat -_- and it likes to sleep all the time. I would so love to give the dog a push out from the house and force it to exercise all day long to drop those extra fat out of him xP

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