Monday, May 12, 2008

Makes Me Wonder

First of all, I would like to say sorry to someone that I knew, if she bumped into my blog again (you know who I am talking about). I was not confident on giving out my personal information online, because I like to keep myself under low-profile. I know that excuse is a bit silly, but I'm sorry again if I hurt you in any way.

Have this orange as my sign of apology

Alright, nothing much to do today (yet again). I'm still a lil' distraught for not getting the PSD scholarship yesterday, I just feel that way. I know I am included in the league of thousands and thousands of students who did so well in their SPM and yet we do not get it xD

I've been thinking a lot lately on what am I going to do in the future. Is TAR college good enough for me? Will I be a better person once I graduate? How about my parents, should I worry on them not having enough money for my studies?

My mom was nagging me to appeal to PSD to reconsider my application to study overseas. Eventhough I do not get the overseas scholarship, I might be accepted into a local university. But what if I am totally rejected instead? Argh... my mind is a bit fuzzy right now.

As the wise men said: "Better have something than nothing".

I've sent in my appeal to PSD through its website, and annoyingly, I encountered an error in the website during the appeal process. (WTF?) I wouldn't know if my appeal will make it to PSD, but I sent the appeal twice just to make sure. And now, when I rethink of it, that's kinda stupid of me to send the same appeal twice... (Come on, fix your website asap, PSD!) *Fingers crossed*

And my mom was starting to call her friends on the phone. Apparently, her friends' children who took SPM together with me on the same year and even have the same results like mine, didn't get the scholarship either. One of them even wanted to appeal through the Star newspaper to 'persuade' the PSD for the same matter I mentioned above.

Sigh... it seems this pursue for this one PSD scholarship seems so important to anyone, and that includes me as well.

I was just rereading through one news article from the Star relating to the PSD giving free scholarship to 9As students to study in IPTA. And here's what I've been wondering ever since:

"Top-scoring students who get a place in a Malaysian branch of a foreign university such as Monash University, Nottingham University, Curtin University of Technology and Swinburne Unversity will also be offered scholarships."

I came to wonder, how do I get the PSD to sponsor me to study in Monash University? Do I have to apply for the intake in Monash first before getting it, or should I wait and wait and wait until PSD gives a reply to me sooner or later? Darn, I should have written that I wanted Monash in the appeal letter instead. That would make things so much better for me.

There goes my rant for today. This blog has become my personal site for every feeling that I wish to express, and that includes my melancholic state right now. I hope tomorrow would be better, I really want some chocolate milk right now to make me happy.

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  1. oh dear............. O_O
    do u really mean me? hahaha.. not dare to believe...
    actually, i knew you were lying but i just let you say whatever things la.. haha
    hmm...i were kinda angry and depressed that day... but i'm used to it...but now, after i saw this, plus the orange...>___< i can't keep myself stop laughing!! hahaahaha... >___<
    thanks anyway, for remembering my name somemore, haha. i thought u would nv remember who i am...thanks again.
    i'll sms u again when i go back to m'sia. haha...
    btw, this blog, i mean mine, is a long-abandoned one... haha.. no more updates since then... lazy to write...^^'''
    ok, see ya~