Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Intro (yet again)

I came, I saw, and I re-conquered again?

Oh god, and yet again, I have to make another 'monotonous' introduction.

Previously, my first blog on was blocked just after my first post! I was like 'WTF?' why did my blog was denied access, and why is it labeled a spam blog? I didn't even posted any spam, or anything that looks like spam either! And what did I done wrong to deserve this unjust punishment? Oh well, curses to that spam-detection robot stuff, I presume.

So out of sheer impatience, I've created a new blog here. I don't think I wanna wait 2-4 days to get back my old blog (and it's not even old, it's just newly opened 2 days ago! ;_;) So please ignore my old blog and keep to this new blog please D:

And here's a note to those robots who blocked my old blog:

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  1. Nyaa~~~~~~
    is that the cj7 doll u wanna give me?? haha.. joking la...