Friday, May 30, 2008

The Groove~

Whoa~ Whoa~ :0 First of all, I've been on a very jolly mood today. Very, very jolly jolly jolly groovy groovy mood today xD

I am particularly exalted when I check out my semester exam results. Curses to my college website for denying me access to check my results this morning (the results should have been released yesterday) but finally I get to check it after noon! But not until I made my way to my college's computer lab, nudged my friend so that I could budge in and use her computer, and check my results right in front of her together with a bunch of friends next to her. (ps: A couple of them are called 'donkey' and 'monkey' :3 :3)

And *drums roll* I nearly pass out after seeing this!

Phew! Anyway, second semester of college has finally started! Am I happy about it? Obviously my first answer would be no, but of course, who wouldn't want to go back to college and learn some new, and interesting subjects? (Even the subjects' names look bombastic to me!)

First off, in this sem, I will be learning fewer but tougher subjects this time around. Here are the craziest subjects you could imagine while taking an Accounting course:

1. Quantitative Studies (more counting, might get harder in the end :/ )

2. Macroeconomics (extension to the demonic Microeconomics)

3. Business Information Systems & Applications (in short, BISA. Translate BISA into English, and you get POISON)

4. Fundamentals of Accounting (interesting title, but truth is, it's Form 5 Accounting)

5. Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan (I learnt Malay in high school, and I have to learn again?)

Fortunately, we have some amazing... wait, I should reduce the sarcasm a bit. We have some particularly... interesting lecturers now compared to our lecturers in the previous semester. Although I do miss our past lecturers though, they were kind, understanding, and... friendly :/

For Quantitative Studies (QS), we got back our old lecturer who taught us Business Statistics in the previous semester. Yeah, same old face we all get to know. And yes, he's old, probably around in his glorious 50s or so. He's your typical no-nonsense and get-serious man who will mind boggle his students including me with his mathematical equations, calculations, linear equations, and decision makings. Holy cow, I wish I could catch up with him, my maths sucks.

Next, let's introduce our funky Macroeconomics lecturer~! My favorite so far, thankfully. And a much better lecturer than our previous Microeconomics lecturer. (oh don't go spreading around rumors about my backstabbing okay?) He's a.. how would you say, well a very friendly man, maybe somewhere around 30 years old and the really weird thing is, he has the voice of a 12 year old girl. Squeaky, I should say. And oh, he's plump and chubby (omg I can't believe I said that!)
He tends to joke around, and what I like about him is, he taught the subject in a slow, and steady pace. And I mean slow, but it's cool to be slow when it comes to studying :3

Moving on is our lovely BISA lecturer. She's a charming woman in her 30s, slim, long straight hair but wear the odd professor-look-and-feel glasses. And what's charming about her is because she speaks a really humorous 'Mongolian accent' English. Clearly, she's too tongue-tied with her strong Chinese dialect. Every word she spoke turned out different, and I couldn't stop myself laughing throughout the whole lecture. And my college mate, Ah Song even wrote down the words she wrongly spoke too and a long list of it too.

Let's see some cool mis-pronunciations, shall we? I can only remember a few though :/

She spoke:

1. exceed as (as cheese)
2. damage as (damn it)
3. succeed as (sarsi)

And throughtout the whole lecture, we already get to know our BISA lecturer's most famous, most favorite, and most repeated word of all time.

'You understand? Understand? Understand? Understand? Understand? :0'

Oh yes, yes, my dear lecturer. We understood what you are trying to say, but when it comes to the teaching part, we barely understood anything because you spoke at Mach 5 speed!! xD

Finally our FOA lecturer. Well, nothing much special or unique about him that makes him stand out from the rest. He looks just like an average uncle with a face you commonly see in a Chinese coffee-house. And he rather teach the May Intake students (I'm in the January Intake batch) because he doesn't want his students to see his same face on the next semester O.o holy cow, you don't want us to miss you?

Thanks a lot to my friend, niekaori for drawing a cute 'Disgaea' artwork for me. I really appreciate it D:

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