Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Depression

Where all the jokers come to play

Being stuck at home doing nothing right now. Too bad I can't make it to another TOA Art Exhibition @ MV again, I don't feel like taking that lousy KTM
train all over again! xD

I was anxious to check out my JPA overseas scholarship today. I'm like, preparing to celebrate in excitement if I somehow got that scholarship!

But unfortunately, it's sad to say that I didn't get it. Darn, what a waste. I got 10A1 and 1A2 for SPM, got some good co-curriculum marks to back me up, and yet I didn't get it? Should I call myself unlucky, or call JPA for being biased? Is it because of that sheer existence of one A2 gave me away? Or is it that JPA only choosing its scholars by judging solely on their grades only? :0 Oh well, there goes my happy go lucky charm!

Eventhough so, I somehow feel relieved to be honest xD I am alrea
dy acquainted to my college mates at TAR college. It made me realized that despite not getting the scholarship, at least I can still continue studying in a good college, and along with some good friends as well Friends are more important than to pursue your studies, right? And particularly, I don't need to work with the government if I happen to graduate overseas. xP

JPA had announced recently that none of its scholars overseas will be allowed the opportunity to do further train overseas even at their own expanses, and are to return ASAP upon graduation. No scholar would be allowed to stay on regardless of the training posts they obtain upon graduation. I know that as we Malaysians, we are required to love our country and serve our country as well. But wouldn't it be much fairer if JPA scholars were given a chance to return after adequate exposure to studies overseas, and be a really useful person for the country, yes? However, I believe a contract is still a contract, so that's not much use debating over the degree of freedom JPA scholars can enjoy.

(Sarcastic of me to talk about JPA when I didn't get the scholarship xP)

Anyway, I used up most of my evening time trying my best to design a 'Genetic Engineering' background, apparently for my friend's college project. I wouldn't know if this looks good to you, but it looks bad to me ._.

There's still one or two weeks of semester break left for me (I'm not exactly sure how long actually ._.) Gotta make the best use of my remaining free time as possible!

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