Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Crudity

You want Light to train you swimming for Olympics? Here you go :3

Water Resistance is Huge!!

I should have posted this new blog entry yesterday night, but again, my dad 'capitalized' my computer yet again and watching political videos... again. Politics, why do old people seem to get addicted to it but us, young people aren't? Oh, maybe it's because they lack entertainment and attention... :3

Omg, My computer isn't personal again to me anymore :/

The crudity. Aah... who's the best person when it comes to crudity? Moms :0 Okay, here's the deal. I wanted to dye my hair brownish-red yesterday. I wished I hadn't told my mum about it, because she completely went berserk and totally disagreed with my decision to dye my hair. I could even see the horror in her eyes =D She then started nagging and nagging, for example:

'Your hair is too short to be dyed'

'Red is the worst hair dye to go with'

'Don't you know dye is cancer-causing?'

'What if you waste that dye?'

'Dye doesn't come off easily if you don't like the color'

'You ain't good in dying your hair'

And I hate hearing these:

'Do it after your birthday (June 2)'

'Cut your hair (0___0) I like your spiky hair the last time'

Today is a good day to watch Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in KLCC. And I am finally able to drive my mom's petite Kancil... to the nearest train station dammit.

Father's Day is coming. So don't forget to celebrate Father's Day with Hard Gay lol D:

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