Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Cetak Rompak Pirates

Yes, it's evident that I'm bored right now.

I participated yet again in another internet forum question, this time on Piracy. Coincidently, this was also a topic I did in a group discussion during the JPA scholarship interview around two months ago. (sarcasm mode) Despite I gave quite a number of debatable points in the discussion, I still could not get the scholarship. Hm :/ Maybe I was being too serious.

Oh well, here goes.

Piracy: The 'Tradition' that Never Stops

Pirates have existed during the old ages of the New World in the heart of the Carribean. Pirates do what they do best, pillage, plunder, cheat, steal, and murder. And now, it is the modern world, and pirates have changed into something new and smarter. They don't kill people anymore, and they don't certainly pillage and plunder the streets anymore these days. But now, they rob profits off from any industry by making illegal copies out of their products in the market, and making big bucks illegally.

Pirated materials are very easily available in the internet. Freeware and shareware makes these stuff accessible at all times. CD/ DVD burners are being wrongly used.

And eventhough there are newer ways to counter piracy, there will be new ways as well to counter back these anti-piracy methods. For example, Blu-Ray is invented to stop piracy from good. Unfortunately, within a week or two, hackers managed to crack it. (although Blu-ray is useful otherwise, it's expensive and hackers wouldn't want to waste extra bucks to make copies out of it)

A lot of people have suggested: Lower down the price of originals! Oh wait, nah, that won't be a good idea. If the price has been reduced, how would bussiness and industry gain profit to generate these originals? How would they gain profit in order to stop piracy? And already, the originals have already been reduced to a very affordable price for Malaysians, and it couldn't have been lowered further. Originals are meant to be products that you buy at one time at once when you have the adequate money to purchase it.

Piracy exist as a permanent opponent to originals. It's hard to deny this quote of truth: 'If you want quality, go for originals. If you want cheap stuff that lacks quality, go for piracy'.

So to sum up about why people opt for piracy:


1. Cheap-mindedness (don't mind the lack of quality but wanted affordable stuff)

2. To test out a product, like how one would find out whether the movie is good enough to watch or not before buying it

3. Shortage or unavailability of certain products (international music albums, movies, books)

4. Lack of law reinforcement by the government (lol the Malaysian Copyrights Act will impose a rm300,000 fine on anyone who downloads illegal content from the internet, and do you see any people being tried upon that matter yet? :3)

5. Lack of anti-piracy campaign effectiveness

6. Software and/ or hardware being used for piracy purposes.

7. Scandals and irresponsible companies making profit out of copyright infringement.

8. Freedom of using the internet for easily accessible downloadable and sharing content.

9. New methods on reinforcing piracy and on countering anti-piracy methods.

10. The developers' fault on over-pricing their products.


For kudos:

Jack Sparrow: You know, for having such a bleak outlook on pirates you are well on your way to becoming one: sprung a man from jail, commandeered a ship of the fleet, sailed with a buccaneer crew out of Tortuga, and you're completely obsessed with treasure.

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