Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Calamity

May 2008. Sadly, it's a month of calamity for the year 2008. It's the time when disaster stroke two unlikely cities, when Cyclone Nargis devastated one of the poorest cities in Myanmar (Yangon) and a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Szechuan, China, just only a few months before the prestigious Olympics event in Beijing on 8/8/08. However, May is also the month where we get to see the malicious greed and cruelty of mankind, but we also chance upon seeing the unsung heroes who braved the aftermath to save one's kin.

Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is crying. Cyclone Nargis has killed thousands of Myanmar people .The destruction is worse than tsunami that struck Aceh in 2004. The cyclone which struck Burma is the worst natural disaster the country has experienced in modern times.

Just after eleven, twelve days after Cyclone Nargis struck Yangon, almost 34,000 people died, and hundreds of thousands were injured. However, death toll could reach as high as 100,000 people due to diseases, famine, hunger, dengue, water contamination, and harsh weathers. But the one thing that really 'killed' the victims' hopes of survival is the spiteful greed of the military junta itself, because the junta is like one stupid giant. (I do not intend to disgrace the junta, I'm just merely show the error of their ways)

Rescue aid from all over the world were being halted at Yangon, where the junta ultimately restrict any support from overseas to help ease the burden of the cyclone victims of the city. Eventhough they do let in a few rescue aids into Yangon, generals of the junta are taking advantage of this rescue effort and use them as a propaganda to further spread its influence around Myanmar. They sticked their names onto food packages meant to be delivered to the cyclone victims. And the stupid giant even hold a referendum during the aftermath, and the junta is forcing the victims to vote for the junta, because if they don't do so, they will never receive any aid from the junta.

We all knew that Myanmar is one of the top rice bowl countries in South-East Asia. But why is Myanmar not supplying their stockpiled rice to feed the cyclone victims? Because they see rice as some form of 'white, edible gold'. We all knew that the price hike of rice worldwide has piked to an overwhelming level, and the junta is exporting the rice instead because they wanted profits and profits. They do not care how the Yangon victims suffered, and how many would die due to the junta's greed. To add salt to the wound, the junta is giving rotting rice instead. Stupid giant, it is.

Why is the junta shunning any aid? The reason is simple. They are feared of all foreigners. They see everyone as a potential enemy intent on overthrowing their rule. Rather than alleviating the suffering wrought by Cyclone Nargis, the top generals' primary concern at present is to preserve their power and protect their families' future position and wealth.

My main message that I want to say is, stop the stupid giant from dominating! Stop the senseless referendum! Stop the phobia towards foreign aid! Think about the victims, damn it. Protest against this stupidity of the junta.

Or is the cyclone a symbol of retribution towards the junta's mass killing of Yangon monks during the year 2007 instead?

This wedding of a junta general with his wife was estimated to cost around US$20million. The junta are living a pretty lavish lifestyle.

One of the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis on Yangon.

Junta accepts international aid, but rejects aid workers.

The Malaysian government is donating RM500,000 in support of Nargis victims.

Earthquake in Szechuan, China

Just almost a week after Cyclone Nargis, and we have another disaster so soon.

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Szechuan, is the worst to hit China since 1976 when up to 45,000 died, buried or trapped in mounds of concrete, steel and earth. This powerful earthquake topples buildings, schools, and chemical plants.

Yet, we see a much softer and humane side of mankind in China compared to the junta in Myanmar. Rescue workers search desperately for any victims trapped under building wreaks, and the government is doing all its can to help support earthquake victims in Szechuan by ordering 100,000 troops to aid them and give out food, tents, blankets and clean drinking water.

Just hope that the Olympics will put an ease to pressure that is now befalling on China.

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  1. totally agreed. selfish myanmar authorities who don't seem to give a damn about humans' life. @_@
    pity the citizens under them. =(