Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Art Exhibition

This was originally to be posted on Saturday which is yesterday (Today is Sunday in Malaysia)

The One Academy Art Exhibition @ MidValley (10/5/08)

I went with my friend ~aliaa (aww she's still so cute and still act as if she's still in primary LOL!) to TOA Art Exhibition @ Mid Valley.

In Front of the Exhibition
Seriously, the event was like BIG man! Straightaway when we arrived to the entrance, we can see the big event banner on top of us. But here's the funny part. When we were making our way in, we were greeted by some bunch of people from this M'sian Education Fair event, which is just next door to the hall at where the TOA Art Exhibition is, and we kinda got dragged in to get ourselves registered to the Edu Fair event instead! ROFL! Anyway, skip the mindless chatter. We escaped ourselves (literally) and go to the right place this time! xD The moment we got into the exhibition, the first thing we can see is a counter selling these cool art books, particularly those by Benjamin Zhang Bin, Muted Colours by Kidchan, and an art book compiled with artworks from TOA graduates themselves! As we go around the exhibition, we have the chance to see some amazing arts *__* Seriously, they were like so beautiful and marvelous! I was wondering how did the lecturers at TOA managed to train their students to draw that good!

Wacom tablets being displayed

Wacom Bamboo Fun!

Of course, we couldn't afford to miss out kidchan drawing demonstration. We were lucky to be the first in line to see her drawing using the big Intuos tablet, and I was amazed at how fast she did such a beautiful artwork within one hour. She did the lineart on one layer, but the most impressive thing was, she did all the coloring on only ONE layer! Wow... I need like 4 or 5 layers to do my coloring, and my coloring still shucks ._. And today is the best day for me, because I get to take a picture together with her! xD (I hope kidchan is not reading this blog right now xP)

Kidchan sketching on the Cintiq!

The finished artwork!

Taking a Picture with Kidchan!
Later, I just watched my friend participating in this Digital Human Figure Painting workshop. The workshop was kinda draggy, so I left my friend off experimenting with the workshop and hear a speech from a charming Stuart Godwin. But seriously, the audience was kinda passive, they were so silent and showed no expression at all ._. geez

Aliaa participating in the workshop (Second right at back row)
And oh.. after that, we saw a quick demonstration by bram. It's such a waste that I forgot to take a picture with him ;_; So that's the end of our trip to the exhibition.

We later have lunch at McDonalds (because we have no darn idea on where to eat) and we later shop around for gifts for Mother's Day. My friend bought an alarm clock because her mom is not punctual xD Me? I bought some plastic flowers in a basket, a love-shaped card, and a CJ7 doll. Aww.. how sarcastic of me man.

My Latest Art (Unfinished)

This is suppose to be an art drawn for Mother's Day. Luckily my mom said that this artwork is nice xD

Coloring is under progress, but you get to see a preview of its completion so far. I could say this is my best artwork by far, particularly the intense details on the roses :0 Anyway, do enjoy eh?

(Please do not use my artwork as your own!)

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