Friday, May 30, 2008

The Groove~

Whoa~ Whoa~ :0 First of all, I've been on a very jolly mood today. Very, very jolly jolly jolly groovy groovy mood today xD

I am particularly exalted when I check out my semester exam results. Curses to my college website for denying me access to check my results this morning (the results should have been released yesterday) but finally I get to check it after noon! But not until I made my way to my college's computer lab, nudged my friend so that I could budge in and use her computer, and check my results right in front of her together with a bunch of friends next to her. (ps: A couple of them are called 'donkey' and 'monkey' :3 :3)

And *drums roll* I nearly pass out after seeing this!

Phew! Anyway, second semester of college has finally started! Am I happy about it? Obviously my first answer would be no, but of course, who wouldn't want to go back to college and learn some new, and interesting subjects? (Even the subjects' names look bombastic to me!)

First off, in this sem, I will be learning fewer but tougher subjects this time around. Here are the craziest subjects you could imagine while taking an Accounting course:

1. Quantitative Studies (more counting, might get harder in the end :/ )

2. Macroeconomics (extension to the demonic Microeconomics)

3. Business Information Systems & Applications (in short, BISA. Translate BISA into English, and you get POISON)

4. Fundamentals of Accounting (interesting title, but truth is, it's Form 5 Accounting)

5. Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan (I learnt Malay in high school, and I have to learn again?)

Fortunately, we have some amazing... wait, I should reduce the sarcasm a bit. We have some particularly... interesting lecturers now compared to our lecturers in the previous semester. Although I do miss our past lecturers though, they were kind, understanding, and... friendly :/

For Quantitative Studies (QS), we got back our old lecturer who taught us Business Statistics in the previous semester. Yeah, same old face we all get to know. And yes, he's old, probably around in his glorious 50s or so. He's your typical no-nonsense and get-serious man who will mind boggle his students including me with his mathematical equations, calculations, linear equations, and decision makings. Holy cow, I wish I could catch up with him, my maths sucks.

Next, let's introduce our funky Macroeconomics lecturer~! My favorite so far, thankfully. And a much better lecturer than our previous Microeconomics lecturer. (oh don't go spreading around rumors about my backstabbing okay?) He's a.. how would you say, well a very friendly man, maybe somewhere around 30 years old and the really weird thing is, he has the voice of a 12 year old girl. Squeaky, I should say. And oh, he's plump and chubby (omg I can't believe I said that!)
He tends to joke around, and what I like about him is, he taught the subject in a slow, and steady pace. And I mean slow, but it's cool to be slow when it comes to studying :3

Moving on is our lovely BISA lecturer. She's a charming woman in her 30s, slim, long straight hair but wear the odd professor-look-and-feel glasses. And what's charming about her is because she speaks a really humorous 'Mongolian accent' English. Clearly, she's too tongue-tied with her strong Chinese dialect. Every word she spoke turned out different, and I couldn't stop myself laughing throughout the whole lecture. And my college mate, Ah Song even wrote down the words she wrongly spoke too and a long list of it too.

Let's see some cool mis-pronunciations, shall we? I can only remember a few though :/

She spoke:

1. exceed as (as cheese)
2. damage as (damn it)
3. succeed as (sarsi)

And throughtout the whole lecture, we already get to know our BISA lecturer's most famous, most favorite, and most repeated word of all time.

'You understand? Understand? Understand? Understand? Understand? :0'

Oh yes, yes, my dear lecturer. We understood what you are trying to say, but when it comes to the teaching part, we barely understood anything because you spoke at Mach 5 speed!! xD

Finally our FOA lecturer. Well, nothing much special or unique about him that makes him stand out from the rest. He looks just like an average uncle with a face you commonly see in a Chinese coffee-house. And he rather teach the May Intake students (I'm in the January Intake batch) because he doesn't want his students to see his same face on the next semester O.o holy cow, you don't want us to miss you?

Thanks a lot to my friend, niekaori for drawing a cute 'Disgaea' artwork for me. I really appreciate it D:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Anticipation

If you guys have been wondering why i failed badly in Travian, here's a reason. My village is right in the middle of nowhere and its position looks so... convincing for people to attack me.

Sorry I haven't been blogging these past few days. I have been reading a pretty good book I have bought from Kinokuniya. It's pretty cheap, the price is just around RM35, and the story plot is.. oh, so exciting!

Lankhmar by Fritz Leiber

From the moment they met, committing the same daring theft, Fafhrd, the giant barbarian warrior, and the Gray Mouser, master thief and swordsman, felt no ordinary affinity. Theirs was a friendship that would take them from adventure to adventure across all of Nehwon, from the caves of the inner earth to the waves of the outer sea. But it was in the dark alleys and backstreets of the great city of Lankhmar that they first become legends.

My semester break is going to end pretty, pretty soon. Can't wait to get back to college and get my lazy brain working again! The second semester is starting on Tuesday, and it's sure going to be more hectic and stressing than the first one.

Let's see... Tuesday class starts from 8am and ends on 7pm. WTF?? And we start off our semester with a counting subject? T^T oh lord have mercy on me.

Wednesday's class is from 8am to 5.30pm, Thursday's 4 to 6pm, and Friday's 2 to 4pm. Holy cow, why must all our classes end late? Well then, let's officially declare TAR College as the most kiasu and excessively put immense pressure on its students to be a lil' more hard-working then :0 Anyone wanna suggest demonstrations? lol

I even dyed my hair too. Finally! I used a common mocha color for my hair, something that my mum can agree of. She doesn't want me to use any funny dyes like white, red, blonde, or blue, or else she will faint xP

The dye is not noticable when I'm indoors, but once I'm out in the sun, it shines a bright brownish red. Too bad I can't get it on my camera though, the picture came out with my hair still black :/

Here's one artwork that I've been working on today. A fanart of Siv from Zint's Under 18 comic, which is available in our local Gempak magazine. I wished I could practice more on my lineart and coloring before I get back to college.

PS: My birthday coming up soon desudesudesu!! D: 2nd June, 2nd June, have that remembered?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Crudity

You want Light to train you swimming for Olympics? Here you go :3

Water Resistance is Huge!!

I should have posted this new blog entry yesterday night, but again, my dad 'capitalized' my computer yet again and watching political videos... again. Politics, why do old people seem to get addicted to it but us, young people aren't? Oh, maybe it's because they lack entertainment and attention... :3

Omg, My computer isn't personal again to me anymore :/

The crudity. Aah... who's the best person when it comes to crudity? Moms :0 Okay, here's the deal. I wanted to dye my hair brownish-red yesterday. I wished I hadn't told my mum about it, because she completely went berserk and totally disagreed with my decision to dye my hair. I could even see the horror in her eyes =D She then started nagging and nagging, for example:

'Your hair is too short to be dyed'

'Red is the worst hair dye to go with'

'Don't you know dye is cancer-causing?'

'What if you waste that dye?'

'Dye doesn't come off easily if you don't like the color'

'You ain't good in dying your hair'

And I hate hearing these:

'Do it after your birthday (June 2)'

'Cut your hair (0___0) I like your spiky hair the last time'

Today is a good day to watch Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in KLCC. And I am finally able to drive my mom's petite Kancil... to the nearest train station dammit.

Father's Day is coming. So don't forget to celebrate Father's Day with Hard Gay lol D:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Lag

Connection has been excruciatingly slow ever since. Somehow I do not doubt that TM-nut/Snailmyx/Screamyx is behind the slow internet speed, maybe the recent earthquakes around Peninsular Malaysia have ultimately affected the speed. First is China (amen T^T), then Sabah, and later Indonesia. I do hope Kuala Lumpur here won't have its first earthquake anytime soon. Malaysia is quite peaceful... for now.

Even Miku needs some recharging :0

I just finished reading a really good book today. It's titled The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I think as an addicted reader, I should really recommend you to read this book, because the story-telling is so gripping and powerful! Let me share some of the details with you:

The Kite Runner is the story of strained family relationships between a father and a son, and between two brothers, how they deal with guilt and forgiveness, and how they weather the political and social transformations of Afghanistan from the 1970s to 2001.

The adult narrator, Amir, lives in San Francisco and is contemplating his past, thinking about a boyhood friend whom he has betrayed. The action of the story then moves backward in time to the narrator's early life in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he is the only child of a privileged merchant. Amir's closest friend is his playmate and servant Hassan, a poor illiterate boy who is a member of the Hazara ethnic minority. The Kite Runner, a coming-of-age novel, deals with the themes of identity, loyalty, courage, and deception. As the protagonist Amir grows to adulthood, he must come to terms with his past wrongs and adjust to a new culture after leaving Afghanistan for the United States.

OMG, my tv remote is dead! Darn it.

Have fun watching this music video here D:

Timbaland ft. One Republic - Apologize

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bully

This would more or less show my feelings for today. 8D

Ever feel what it's like to have your computer being 'monopolized' by one of your parents for almost the whole day? Just after getting back from temple after Wesak celebrations, all of a sudden, my dad turned on the computer on 9am, and kept on watching videos on political debates and elections in YouTube, and have his glasses on for the whole day reading blogs in MalaysiaKini website. In fact, I think I remembered seeing my dad reading Jeff Ooi's blog, or maybe Kit Siang's... I'm not entirely sure. He really spends a lot of time looking at Anwar Ibrahim's and Mahathir faces in YouTube for a really, really long time.

I finally get to have back my computer on 9pm, but I have to wait for two hours because my computer nearly overheats itself. I even put a big fan behind the system unit to cool it down xP In the mean time, I was chewing some chocolate cookies while watching thr
ee great shows on TV today. They are:

I just don't get it. Why do adults in their mid 50s seem so keen on politics? Have they nothing to talk with their friends in the office or at the mamak store? Oh by the way, my father never watches football or any entertainment shows (okay, yes, maybe a few shows on Wah Lah Toi and TVB on Astro) on the TV, so maybe I did somehow get my point there. :/

It's been a week since I've been playing Travian. What's Travian you say? Well, Travian is an online internet browser game, and it lets you build a city and control an army together with tens of thousands of players around the world. Take a look here:

It is a pretty addictive game despite the gameplay requires a lot of patience. I'm saying the real truth here, it DOES really need a heck LOTS OF PATIENCE. And I'm seem to be losing it. Not because I have to wait a few days to see my village being developed, but I've been constantly bombarded by 2 annoying female players who kept on raiding my city and stole my ever-important resources for 3 straight days in a row, and I bet it will continue untill my city crumbles one day.

What seems to make my village such an easy target for players? Sigh, I wish they stop cyber-bullying me -_- Give me some peace and a chance to play, darn it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pets... They're Entertaining

Snailmyx is nastily lagging around these days, and internet has been tremendously slow now. :/

So let's spin and spin around till this suffering ends xD

This morning at around 6am, I was so soundly asleep on my nice comfortable bed having a nice dream, when all of a sudden, my dad started budging into my room like a rhinoceros and rudely woke me up. You know, my body isn't physically prepared to get shocked and ready for the day just like that. I got like a terrible headache and a backache that time. After I took the dog out for a stroll, I went back to bed, slept until 1pm and luckily, my body isn't aching anymore. Phew~ That shows how important rest can be to keep your body healthy eh? @_@

I managed to capture some very interesting pictures of my cat. My cat (or should I say a big kitten) is taking care of one of its mother cat's newborn kittens. It's a really adorable kitten, with a nice white fur, and is still hasn't open its eyes yet.

And my cat is terrible at taking care of it. Because it's a male cat LOL! Pity the tiny white kitten though, it has mistaken my cat for its mother xD

See how the cat pushed away the tiny white kitten from the sheet of newspaper. Bad kitty! :(

My dog, Rocky is living like a king in the house. It has grown pretty fat -_- and it likes to sleep all the time. I would so love to give the dog a push out from the house and force it to exercise all day long to drop those extra fat out of him xP

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Cetak Rompak Pirates

Yes, it's evident that I'm bored right now.

I participated yet again in another internet forum question, this time on Piracy. Coincidently, this was also a topic I did in a group discussion during the JPA scholarship interview around two months ago. (sarcasm mode) Despite I gave quite a number of debatable points in the discussion, I still could not get the scholarship. Hm :/ Maybe I was being too serious.

Oh well, here goes.

Piracy: The 'Tradition' that Never Stops

Pirates have existed during the old ages of the New World in the heart of the Carribean. Pirates do what they do best, pillage, plunder, cheat, steal, and murder. And now, it is the modern world, and pirates have changed into something new and smarter. They don't kill people anymore, and they don't certainly pillage and plunder the streets anymore these days. But now, they rob profits off from any industry by making illegal copies out of their products in the market, and making big bucks illegally.

Pirated materials are very easily available in the internet. Freeware and shareware makes these stuff accessible at all times. CD/ DVD burners are being wrongly used.

And eventhough there are newer ways to counter piracy, there will be new ways as well to counter back these anti-piracy methods. For example, Blu-Ray is invented to stop piracy from good. Unfortunately, within a week or two, hackers managed to crack it. (although Blu-ray is useful otherwise, it's expensive and hackers wouldn't want to waste extra bucks to make copies out of it)

A lot of people have suggested: Lower down the price of originals! Oh wait, nah, that won't be a good idea. If the price has been reduced, how would bussiness and industry gain profit to generate these originals? How would they gain profit in order to stop piracy? And already, the originals have already been reduced to a very affordable price for Malaysians, and it couldn't have been lowered further. Originals are meant to be products that you buy at one time at once when you have the adequate money to purchase it.

Piracy exist as a permanent opponent to originals. It's hard to deny this quote of truth: 'If you want quality, go for originals. If you want cheap stuff that lacks quality, go for piracy'.

So to sum up about why people opt for piracy:


1. Cheap-mindedness (don't mind the lack of quality but wanted affordable stuff)

2. To test out a product, like how one would find out whether the movie is good enough to watch or not before buying it

3. Shortage or unavailability of certain products (international music albums, movies, books)

4. Lack of law reinforcement by the government (lol the Malaysian Copyrights Act will impose a rm300,000 fine on anyone who downloads illegal content from the internet, and do you see any people being tried upon that matter yet? :3)

5. Lack of anti-piracy campaign effectiveness

6. Software and/ or hardware being used for piracy purposes.

7. Scandals and irresponsible companies making profit out of copyright infringement.

8. Freedom of using the internet for easily accessible downloadable and sharing content.

9. New methods on reinforcing piracy and on countering anti-piracy methods.

10. The developers' fault on over-pricing their products.


For kudos:

Jack Sparrow: You know, for having such a bleak outlook on pirates you are well on your way to becoming one: sprung a man from jail, commandeered a ship of the fleet, sailed with a buccaneer crew out of Tortuga, and you're completely obsessed with treasure.

The Usual Life Being Stuck at Home

Other than the fact that I went to the art shop to buy some inking pens (and mindlessly strutting around in PJ), I was stuck at home minding my own business. My computer is just begging to have me turn it off, because I was using it for 5, 6 hours straight.

Yesterday, I was having this conversation with someone who was asking me about Playstation 3. Thinking that I am a proclaimed gaming guru, he was asking me whether is it possible whether the pirated industry will release a PS3 that is specifically modified to play pirated PS3 games.

I told him it's an impossibility. The PS3 is primarily designed to prevent any forms of game piracy. It uses the authentic and the biggest capacity optical disk which uses the state-of-the-art Blu-Ray technology, which of course prevents any form of illegal copying of any content within the disc.

He repeated the question to me, asking whether if it's actually possible to have PS3 games copied to an empty Blu-Ray disc or a normal DVD disc? (Obviously, he is showing his immaturity to me.)

I said: No. The PS3 is only capable to play Blu-Ray media alone. Even an empty Blu-Ray disc costs around RM150-RM200, while one PS3 game costs RM200. Why make pirated copies out of the original, when a gamer can instead, buy the original that is deemed a better quality and more worth a gamer's money? (Although a gamer wouldn't get to return the game to the game store owner if he doesn't like that game) If you are a proud owner of a PS3, then be a little rational and buy games that are good, popular, and nice storyplot and repetitive gameplay.

He asked me again (intentionally getting me annoyed) whether is a pirate able to modify the PS3 in the first place?

I replied: Maybe yes, if he decided to break open a really expensive PS3 console and risk modifying any of its parts. Once it is modified, a PS3 might not perform all of its functions it was supposed to, and maybe stopped working. And, the machinery parts of the console are very pricey and rare, and worse yet, in Malaysia, you wouldn't expect any reliable warranty on purchasing a PS3 console that was shipped from overseas to here.

To further discourage him on asking me more questions on pirated PS3 issues, I told him: Stop being cheap-minded, you pussy. You Malaysians nowadays are just so tied in with piracy as a tradition. Kids have been playing pirated games on their PS2 consoles for years and years, and this has influenced their minds, making them to favor buying more pirated goods instead of the originals. They will have the mindset to condemn any efforts on countering issues of piracy, and will find new ways to get pirated products that are cheaper than the originals without minding the quality. Because they think that if they don't like it, they could always just throw it away without having the heart-ache of doing it.

And finally the Q-A session between him and I stopped. After 30 minutes or so, he asked me again.


"You wanted a PS3 that badly, right?"

I said: I don't have the cash to buy it. But I really wanted to get it so badly, yes I do! xD Just that I don't want to buy it that quick, I got studies to attend to, and the choices of games I wanted to buy for PS3 are so limited.

I only wanted to buy the PS3 to play these games only:

Final Fantasy XIII *_*
Final Fantasy XIII Versus :3

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Prince of Narnia

It's bad to ask your mom who is now in her 50s to watch a movie together. Seriously. Trust me, she won't understand what is going on in the story.

Okay, cut to the chase. Today, I finally get to watch my favourite movie! The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian! xD In a small, humble cinema in Metro Prima Jusco, I'm afraid ._.

A truly entertaining 2 1/2 hour movie.

The movie did not originally follow the book's original story plot. But in my opinion, the director, Andrew Adamson had done a marvelous job in determining how the story would go, because I felt that he added a lot of extra improvements but stayed true to the original story itself. The story in the book was a much tamer version, but in the movie, it looks darker, but more dramatic and more exciting. I liked how the movie made Susan to stand out, in the book, Susan wasn't emphasized and wasn't much involved during any battles in the original story. The movie even portrayed the fued between Prince Caspian and Lord Miraz more clearly, but I complement the fact that the director even created a conflict between Peter and Caspian on who should be the leading role.

The music was lovingly done by renowned Harry Gregson Williams again. The special effects made the movie totally exciting to watch. It was a nice 2 1/2 hour movie in fact.

I don't remember the White Witch appeared in any part of Prince Caspian movie though :/ But it adds a nice touch to the story though, I got a feeling that book lovers might hate the fact that Caspian is resorting to the White Witch to help him get back his throne though.

The next movie will be The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the 4th book after Prince Caspian. It will be featuring the older Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, and an older Prince Caspian. The director rather prefers books from the Chronicles that has intense battles in it, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is no exception.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Reasons Why Local Graduates Are Still Unemployed

This is one question that was brought up in a local internet forum. And I felt the dire interest to answer this.

First, let me quote an article straight out from the Star newspaper on the year 2006.


The increasing unemployment rate among the graduates in Malaysia is a worrying trend. For many years, the issue cropped up again and again, made the news headlines, and even hit the parliament.

The days have passed when a degree scroll can become your automatic passport to employment. Higher education is no longer a symbol of career success. This may sound painful for graduates but let’s face it. It is reality, no matter how harsh it may appear.

In July 2006, The Sun newspaper reported that the unemployment rate of public universities has reached a staggering 70%, whereas the private institutions recorded 26% and foreign graduates 34%. Out of the 70%, the highest unemployment was contributed by the following statistics:

1. Universiti Teknologi MARA, UiTM – 3,278 (16.2%)
2. Universiti Utara Malaysia, UUM – 1,532 (7.6%)
3. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM – 1,147 (5.7%)
4. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM – 971 (4.8%)
5. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, UPM – 919 (4.5%)


(I'm just gonna copy paste from my reply in the forum)

Most graduates are unemployed because they are expecting to find jobs that are easy, simple, and require the least work. And this is pretty unfortunate for our local graduates here, because most of them wanted to find the easiest opportunities to enter into their desired career.

Do not blame students who take courses that are popular and desirable among colleges and universities. I heard reasons from students that people take business because they wanted to get rich. They take computing because they like computers. They take culinary arts because they think they only study cooking. And there are people who take the courses that they are not fond of, because they are influenced by their parents' decision.

Of course, Accounting and Computing graduates are highly sought in the industry now, and that is true. But why are graduates not able to find jobs related to such industries? The reasons are particularly simple. Graduates should realize that once they finished their studies, they should expect that popular industries like these are INTENSELY COMPETITIVE. It's not you alone who wanted to find a job. In fact, every graduate wanted to have a job.

First of all, if you can't be the best among the best, forget about going for your dream job.

Don't blame the employers for being choosy in choosing job applicants. Let's say, how come more business and computing graduates are most preferable and have a higher chance to find a job which are not related to them (like tourism, engineering firms, research centers & etc)? It's because every firm needs one if they want to keep the industry alive and keeping the competition going.

Employers have to pick the best among the best employees to run their companies or firms. They need skilled labor to work. That is why as you browse through the classifieds, employers wanted graduates with a degree as a minimum. They wanted graduates who possess adequate knowledge from what they have learned back in tertiary. And they wanted people who have at least a few years working experience working in such an industry. That is why not even diploma graduates couldn't make it big.

Don't blame the others for not getting yourself a job. Look at yourself. If you don't have the personality, the attitude, the charisma and the character as a matured individual, employers would not find any interest in giving you a job at all. If you are not persistent and aggressive to find a job, you're better off dreaming of getting one then at home.

And should we put the education taught at colleges and universities to be blamed at? Most probably. If a college/ uni is not well-known for helping its students to graduate successfully, then employers would most likely have a 'biased' attitude towards the institute you're learning at. That is why after you finished secondary schooling, you are advised to find the best college/ uni you could go for your own sake. According to the most recent survey, employers would rather seek graduates from private institutions rather than local IPTA instead, because they believe they could get better students off from there due to the better quality teaching and curriculum available there. I don't have any fact to prove that comment, because it's mostly the employers' opinion, not mine.

Next, graduates aren't learning the necessary skills needed related to the industry. Computing graduates would have to constantly update themselves with the latest news on computers, software, hardware, and anything related to it. Accounting students would find themselves better if they work themselves toward getting a professional qualification first hand.

If one would like, wanted to learn something that the country doesn't need at all. For example, game designing. Once you graduate as a game designer, well relatively unless you force yourself working with the government to create educational games for children (that is true, it's not a myth), you're better off finding a better job outside the country instead =P
Art and design students would practically find it hard to get a job in big, established companies in the designing industry if their arts aren't making the mark at all. It's more or less learning towards strengthening your skills in drawing and designing concepts as a hobby, rather than making it as a serious career.

The Visit

Yesterday, my mom was urging me that I should have studied in Sunway College to take CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) next month. The reasons: CAT at Sunway is so much cheaper, it is estimated to cost at just RM35,000 because CAT studies are conducted locally. And as you would have known, Sunway is always globally renowned for accounting. And I told her, why don't we go visit Sunway College today and inquire the counselor there?

I regretted saying those words, because early this morning, my mum wanted the both of us to go to Sunway College -_-

It was tough and a lil' time consuming to get there in the first place. (It's even more troublesome than going to TAR College) We first have to take the KTM train... which is overcrowded with people, and from Central KL station, we took a LRT train ride to Kelana Jaya. Later, we took a Rapid KL bus to Sunway Pyrmaid, and one last thing, waiting for one yellow mini bus (the bus is really small, but at least it's comfortable) to Sunway College. Finally. It took around 2 1/2 hours to reach there from my humble home in Kepong.

The moment I entered Sunway College, I just opened my mouth in awe. The campus is really beautiful and it is equipped with modern and top-notch facilities. It's so much different than my 'under-budget' TAR college. And even the cafeteria looks so welcoming, with stalls offering wide varieties of food that looked delicious, and a San Francisco cafe in the heart of the cafeteria. I saw students dressed in some expensive-looking casual clothes, and most of them sport an Ipod, notebooks or some good-looking phones.

It's not that hard to find the counselor. The information centre is just at the front entrance. I met a nice counselor there, and he definitely helped me a lot in further explaining more about my CAT course.

It seemed that in CAT, I will only study accounting related stuff, nothing extra. He later told me that I have an option to pursue Pre-U studies, and later continue on with an undergraduate degree, and later study in Victoria University in Australia or Lancaster University in UK. (He even further impressed me when he showed proof of Lancaster Uni being the Top 3 UK university *_*) Unfortunately, it's way over my study budget, and the fee is almost trebled compared to CAT. But studying for Bachelors is more worth it, because I get to study more than just accounting in it.

Then I further analysed the syllabus for the undergraduate study for Accounting, and would you look at that, I'm learning exactly the same syllabus as I did in TAR. Since the day I started studying my Diploma in TAR, I was always wondering about my college's claim that its Diploma level is equivalent to a Bachelors degree. It looks so darn true.

TAR or Sunway? Go for cheap or pricey? Both offer the same quality of education at different prices to be exact. What is your choice? You decide.

After the chit-chat, there's something interesting to note when I was around Sunway city. The city looked so much like a mini Las Vegas in Nevada, though it lacks the casino and the gambling. There are hotels, a theme park, a golf course, a good hospital, good education (Sunway College and Monash University are like neighbors), a beautiful hostel, and houses that looked too good for a normal-income family to live in, although I'm curious as to why the Sunway Monorail train stopped operating. I heard that the monorail train goes into Sunway College itself (And I really mean, into the college)

But despite all those luxurious facilities and accommodations available in Sunway, the one thing that seemed so obvious to my eyes, at how competitive taxi industries can be in Sunway. There was a long line of red taxis parked along the road leading into the college, waiting and attracting students for a ride around town. The Indian taxi drivers were particularly merciless and would try their hardest to charge the highest taxi fare as possible. (I asked one and he said, a ride back to Sunway Pyramid will cost RM20. I was like... wtf?) I took a Chinese's taxi instead, he's quite a nice old man, and he charges a flat rate of only RM5. He even advised me not to take an Indian's taxi because they usually 'killed' their passengers by charging expensive taxi fares. Phew... don't call me a racist through that statement there.

I came back home around 5pm, just in time to watch American Idol results show. David Cook vs. David Archuleta, now that is what I really anticipate to see! My bet goes to David Cook. (Sorry, Archuleta fans out there!)


"Top-scoring students who get a place in a Malaysian branch of a foreign university such as Monash University, Nottingham University, Curtin University of Technology and Swinburne Unversity will also be offered scholarships."

(Please read my previous blog entry about this.)

I forgotten one key piece of information that I believe you should share this with any ex-SPM students whom you knew. Apparently, when I asked the counselor at Sunway College about the JPA/ PSD claim that they are offering scholarship to students (9As and above) to study in Monash University (Monash is just next to Sunway, if you don't know), apparently he said that the PSD never planned about such a thing with Monash. I wouldn't know about the other universities though, but I heard that the decision (to offer scholarship in the universities above) was made out of the blue in a very sudden manner. There was no clear and solid information or proof regarding this matter either. And how would you apply for such a scholarship from PSD or how would you know if you will get it? Don't ask me, I'm just a humble informer.

You could probably take a risk. Register a place into Monash, and send the offer letter to PSD to tell them that you have a place there. And maybe they will give you the scholarship? Nah, it couldn't be that easy, right? ...Right?

(My rotten English is really taking its toll on me. I should probably get back to my fictional books asap)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Calamity

May 2008. Sadly, it's a month of calamity for the year 2008. It's the time when disaster stroke two unlikely cities, when Cyclone Nargis devastated one of the poorest cities in Myanmar (Yangon) and a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Szechuan, China, just only a few months before the prestigious Olympics event in Beijing on 8/8/08. However, May is also the month where we get to see the malicious greed and cruelty of mankind, but we also chance upon seeing the unsung heroes who braved the aftermath to save one's kin.

Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is crying. Cyclone Nargis has killed thousands of Myanmar people .The destruction is worse than tsunami that struck Aceh in 2004. The cyclone which struck Burma is the worst natural disaster the country has experienced in modern times.

Just after eleven, twelve days after Cyclone Nargis struck Yangon, almost 34,000 people died, and hundreds of thousands were injured. However, death toll could reach as high as 100,000 people due to diseases, famine, hunger, dengue, water contamination, and harsh weathers. But the one thing that really 'killed' the victims' hopes of survival is the spiteful greed of the military junta itself, because the junta is like one stupid giant. (I do not intend to disgrace the junta, I'm just merely show the error of their ways)

Rescue aid from all over the world were being halted at Yangon, where the junta ultimately restrict any support from overseas to help ease the burden of the cyclone victims of the city. Eventhough they do let in a few rescue aids into Yangon, generals of the junta are taking advantage of this rescue effort and use them as a propaganda to further spread its influence around Myanmar. They sticked their names onto food packages meant to be delivered to the cyclone victims. And the stupid giant even hold a referendum during the aftermath, and the junta is forcing the victims to vote for the junta, because if they don't do so, they will never receive any aid from the junta.

We all knew that Myanmar is one of the top rice bowl countries in South-East Asia. But why is Myanmar not supplying their stockpiled rice to feed the cyclone victims? Because they see rice as some form of 'white, edible gold'. We all knew that the price hike of rice worldwide has piked to an overwhelming level, and the junta is exporting the rice instead because they wanted profits and profits. They do not care how the Yangon victims suffered, and how many would die due to the junta's greed. To add salt to the wound, the junta is giving rotting rice instead. Stupid giant, it is.

Why is the junta shunning any aid? The reason is simple. They are feared of all foreigners. They see everyone as a potential enemy intent on overthrowing their rule. Rather than alleviating the suffering wrought by Cyclone Nargis, the top generals' primary concern at present is to preserve their power and protect their families' future position and wealth.

My main message that I want to say is, stop the stupid giant from dominating! Stop the senseless referendum! Stop the phobia towards foreign aid! Think about the victims, damn it. Protest against this stupidity of the junta.

Or is the cyclone a symbol of retribution towards the junta's mass killing of Yangon monks during the year 2007 instead?

This wedding of a junta general with his wife was estimated to cost around US$20million. The junta are living a pretty lavish lifestyle.

One of the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis on Yangon.

Junta accepts international aid, but rejects aid workers.

The Malaysian government is donating RM500,000 in support of Nargis victims.

Earthquake in Szechuan, China

Just almost a week after Cyclone Nargis, and we have another disaster so soon.

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Szechuan, is the worst to hit China since 1976 when up to 45,000 died, buried or trapped in mounds of concrete, steel and earth. This powerful earthquake topples buildings, schools, and chemical plants.

Yet, we see a much softer and humane side of mankind in China compared to the junta in Myanmar. Rescue workers search desperately for any victims trapped under building wreaks, and the government is doing all its can to help support earthquake victims in Szechuan by ordering 100,000 troops to aid them and give out food, tents, blankets and clean drinking water.

Just hope that the Olympics will put an ease to pressure that is now befalling on China.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Kiasu-ness

All my friends have decided on what they wanted to study in. Most of them opted for A-Levels or Form 6. Some go for Business, others go for Law and Engineering. My closest friends have gone for Design. And the most lucky ones got scholarships to study overseas. Me? I'm still juggling around thinking what I should do right now. Should I continue studying in TAR College, or go pursue my studies somewhere else that seemed better?

My friends persisted me to study in Help, Sunway, Monash, MMU, or anywhere else, you name it. But I still hang on to my current college despite people advising and urging me to do something that is equal to my academic excellence I obtained from my previous SPM examination. However, I think my college is still good, and I'm getting along with it. Quality education that everyone can afford, although I don't like the fact that there's not much competition going around in this college. I like the lecturers although they were not like my school teachers in the past, because they won't help you to understand better or tutor you personally in your studies. (I particularly wanted to express my disappointment over a particular lecturer in my college, but I wouldn't tell you who is it, eventhough you insisted me to)

In a college environment, it's either just do or die. If you do not constantly upgrade yourself and outperform one another every day (well mostly on weekdays actually), you remain as an underdog. What you say, sonny? Is this a sense of kiasu-ness?

Quoted here was a piece of Wikipedia article on what kiasu is defined as:

Kiasu (Traditional Chinese: 驚輸; POJ: kiaⁿ-su) is a Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word that literally means 'fear of losing' (Mandarin Chinese: 怕输). However its actual usage would imply a meaning more approaching that of "dog in a manger", and yet not quite. This word is so widely used by Singaporeans and Malaysians that it is incorporated into their English vocabulary (in the form of Singlish). It is often used in describing the social attitudes of people, especially about South East Asian society and its values. Its widespread use is often because these attitudes are common—to not lose out in a highly competitive society (e.g. by above-cited examples), or to the extent of parents imposing heavy study labour on their children in their wish to make them at the very top of all other students. Growing up with this attitude, these students often become ambitious businesspeople, with the desire to be on top in wealth and prestige regardless of whether the most prestigious careers are aligned with their true capabilities.

Maybe there is a sense of kiasu-ness that will just appear about anywhere, whether it'd be in school, in college, or even fighting to get in a crowded train, or struggling to get a limited Gucci bag during a Mega Sale in a shopping mall.

What am I saying is, eventhough people don't deny themselves a kiasu, they did not realise that they are acting like a kiasu right now. This kiasu competition is just so intense in our modern world today, but I believe, that it has brought upon some good effects towards development of the people and their minds. (excluding cases of corruption, discrimination, prejudism, and stereotypical attitude)

I can't wait to watch Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian this Thursday (15/5)! I read the book like 3 years ago, and it's so obvious that I forgotten how the story would go. I still remember that mouse, Raphecheep. Wait, did I get the name correct?

I am trying to book a ticket to watch the movie as soon as possible. Wait, did you see the kiasu-ness in me right now? xD

By the way, do enjoy watching this music video. It's Last Song by Gackt. It's a really beautiful and soothing song to listen to once in a while, even if you do not know any Japanese.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Makes Me Wonder

First of all, I would like to say sorry to someone that I knew, if she bumped into my blog again (you know who I am talking about). I was not confident on giving out my personal information online, because I like to keep myself under low-profile. I know that excuse is a bit silly, but I'm sorry again if I hurt you in any way.

Have this orange as my sign of apology

Alright, nothing much to do today (yet again). I'm still a lil' distraught for not getting the PSD scholarship yesterday, I just feel that way. I know I am included in the league of thousands and thousands of students who did so well in their SPM and yet we do not get it xD

I've been thinking a lot lately on what am I going to do in the future. Is TAR college good enough for me? Will I be a better person once I graduate? How about my parents, should I worry on them not having enough money for my studies?

My mom was nagging me to appeal to PSD to reconsider my application to study overseas. Eventhough I do not get the overseas scholarship, I might be accepted into a local university. But what if I am totally rejected instead? Argh... my mind is a bit fuzzy right now.

As the wise men said: "Better have something than nothing".

I've sent in my appeal to PSD through its website, and annoyingly, I encountered an error in the website during the appeal process. (WTF?) I wouldn't know if my appeal will make it to PSD, but I sent the appeal twice just to make sure. And now, when I rethink of it, that's kinda stupid of me to send the same appeal twice... (Come on, fix your website asap, PSD!) *Fingers crossed*

And my mom was starting to call her friends on the phone. Apparently, her friends' children who took SPM together with me on the same year and even have the same results like mine, didn't get the scholarship either. One of them even wanted to appeal through the Star newspaper to 'persuade' the PSD for the same matter I mentioned above.

Sigh... it seems this pursue for this one PSD scholarship seems so important to anyone, and that includes me as well.

I was just rereading through one news article from the Star relating to the PSD giving free scholarship to 9As students to study in IPTA. And here's what I've been wondering ever since:

"Top-scoring students who get a place in a Malaysian branch of a foreign university such as Monash University, Nottingham University, Curtin University of Technology and Swinburne Unversity will also be offered scholarships."

I came to wonder, how do I get the PSD to sponsor me to study in Monash University? Do I have to apply for the intake in Monash first before getting it, or should I wait and wait and wait until PSD gives a reply to me sooner or later? Darn, I should have written that I wanted Monash in the appeal letter instead. That would make things so much better for me.

There goes my rant for today. This blog has become my personal site for every feeling that I wish to express, and that includes my melancholic state right now. I hope tomorrow would be better, I really want some chocolate milk right now to make me happy.

My authentic japanese name is 石丸 Ishimaru (round stone) 明 Akira (bright).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Depression

Where all the jokers come to play

Being stuck at home doing nothing right now. Too bad I can't make it to another TOA Art Exhibition @ MV again, I don't feel like taking that lousy KTM
train all over again! xD

I was anxious to check out my JPA overseas scholarship today. I'm like, preparing to celebrate in excitement if I somehow got that scholarship!

But unfortunately, it's sad to say that I didn't get it. Darn, what a waste. I got 10A1 and 1A2 for SPM, got some good co-curriculum marks to back me up, and yet I didn't get it? Should I call myself unlucky, or call JPA for being biased? Is it because of that sheer existence of one A2 gave me away? Or is it that JPA only choosing its scholars by judging solely on their grades only? :0 Oh well, there goes my happy go lucky charm!

Eventhough so, I somehow feel relieved to be honest xD I am alrea
dy acquainted to my college mates at TAR college. It made me realized that despite not getting the scholarship, at least I can still continue studying in a good college, and along with some good friends as well Friends are more important than to pursue your studies, right? And particularly, I don't need to work with the government if I happen to graduate overseas. xP

JPA had announced recently that none of its scholars overseas will be allowed the opportunity to do further train overseas even at their own expanses, and are to return ASAP upon graduation. No scholar would be allowed to stay on regardless of the training posts they obtain upon graduation. I know that as we Malaysians, we are required to love our country and serve our country as well. But wouldn't it be much fairer if JPA scholars were given a chance to return after adequate exposure to studies overseas, and be a really useful person for the country, yes? However, I believe a contract is still a contract, so that's not much use debating over the degree of freedom JPA scholars can enjoy.

(Sarcastic of me to talk about JPA when I didn't get the scholarship xP)

Anyway, I used up most of my evening time trying my best to design a 'Genetic Engineering' background, apparently for my friend's college project. I wouldn't know if this looks good to you, but it looks bad to me ._.

There's still one or two weeks of semester break left for me (I'm not exactly sure how long actually ._.) Gotta make the best use of my remaining free time as possible!

The Art Exhibition

This was originally to be posted on Saturday which is yesterday (Today is Sunday in Malaysia)

The One Academy Art Exhibition @ MidValley (10/5/08)

I went with my friend ~aliaa (aww she's still so cute and still act as if she's still in primary LOL!) to TOA Art Exhibition @ Mid Valley.

In Front of the Exhibition
Seriously, the event was like BIG man! Straightaway when we arrived to the entrance, we can see the big event banner on top of us. But here's the funny part. When we were making our way in, we were greeted by some bunch of people from this M'sian Education Fair event, which is just next door to the hall at where the TOA Art Exhibition is, and we kinda got dragged in to get ourselves registered to the Edu Fair event instead! ROFL! Anyway, skip the mindless chatter. We escaped ourselves (literally) and go to the right place this time! xD The moment we got into the exhibition, the first thing we can see is a counter selling these cool art books, particularly those by Benjamin Zhang Bin, Muted Colours by Kidchan, and an art book compiled with artworks from TOA graduates themselves! As we go around the exhibition, we have the chance to see some amazing arts *__* Seriously, they were like so beautiful and marvelous! I was wondering how did the lecturers at TOA managed to train their students to draw that good!

Wacom tablets being displayed

Wacom Bamboo Fun!

Of course, we couldn't afford to miss out kidchan drawing demonstration. We were lucky to be the first in line to see her drawing using the big Intuos tablet, and I was amazed at how fast she did such a beautiful artwork within one hour. She did the lineart on one layer, but the most impressive thing was, she did all the coloring on only ONE layer! Wow... I need like 4 or 5 layers to do my coloring, and my coloring still shucks ._. And today is the best day for me, because I get to take a picture together with her! xD (I hope kidchan is not reading this blog right now xP)

Kidchan sketching on the Cintiq!

The finished artwork!

Taking a Picture with Kidchan!
Later, I just watched my friend participating in this Digital Human Figure Painting workshop. The workshop was kinda draggy, so I left my friend off experimenting with the workshop and hear a speech from a charming Stuart Godwin. But seriously, the audience was kinda passive, they were so silent and showed no expression at all ._. geez

Aliaa participating in the workshop (Second right at back row)
And oh.. after that, we saw a quick demonstration by bram. It's such a waste that I forgot to take a picture with him ;_; So that's the end of our trip to the exhibition.

We later have lunch at McDonalds (because we have no darn idea on where to eat) and we later shop around for gifts for Mother's Day. My friend bought an alarm clock because her mom is not punctual xD Me? I bought some plastic flowers in a basket, a love-shaped card, and a CJ7 doll. Aww.. how sarcastic of me man.

My Latest Art (Unfinished)

This is suppose to be an art drawn for Mother's Day. Luckily my mom said that this artwork is nice xD

Coloring is under progress, but you get to see a preview of its completion so far. I could say this is my best artwork by far, particularly the intense details on the roses :0 Anyway, do enjoy eh?

(Please do not use my artwork as your own!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Intro (yet again)

I came, I saw, and I re-conquered again?

Oh god, and yet again, I have to make another 'monotonous' introduction.

Previously, my first blog on was blocked just after my first post! I was like 'WTF?' why did my blog was denied access, and why is it labeled a spam blog? I didn't even posted any spam, or anything that looks like spam either! And what did I done wrong to deserve this unjust punishment? Oh well, curses to that spam-detection robot stuff, I presume.

So out of sheer impatience, I've created a new blog here. I don't think I wanna wait 2-4 days to get back my old blog (and it's not even old, it's just newly opened 2 days ago! ;_;) So please ignore my old blog and keep to this new blog please D:

And here's a note to those robots who blocked my old blog: