Friday, December 25, 2009

Moved to New Blog!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The 1000 Year Weight

'The burden I am having in college is just like carrying a giant teddy on my shoulder'

I have been thinking long and hard, the stuff that I wanted to do with my blog. I hated the slowness and awkwardness of my 512MB computer that sometimes crashed down my Firefox when I am in a good mood. I missed all the typing, the picture posting, and more importantly, my will to keep up with my followers' expectations.

College politics, cursed tests and assignments deadlines to keep up, funky lecturers and enigmatic friends (if for some, gayish) have kept me off the blogging cyberspace for months and months. I did look at my blog but whenever I started typing a few introductory words, my mind went blank. I lost the inspiration I need to keep my blog updated. It's as if the passionate blogging fire is dying off from me.

Or it's because my mom has been monitoring me using the computer behind me, her left eye fixed on the Wah Lah Toi drama and the another eye on me 'fiddling' my keyboard and 'fidgeting' my mouse. Once she sees me blogging, she goes on a constant bickering spree about me being caught under the ISA for allegely posting seditious comments, which I never did.

That even tempted me to create a new blog called '' after an idea I got in college when little 'Kitty' suggested me to conceal my blogging activities from my mom. =3

I always had imaginations going around in my head. I narrate everything that happens around me. The sights, the sounds, the feelings of people and possibly some fuss of my own dealing with my life.

As I watch videos of the late Michael Jackson next to me, I was wondering if I can make a change to myself and adjust the way I see things again. Sometimes, college may be killing me slowly with all its burden, yet I persevere in every way to think positive and be optimistic. I want to accept new challenges and find new opportunities for myself. I want to do new things and I want to learn new stuff. I want to eliminate all that's negative about me. I want change.

Maybe I can achieve this by getting back to my blogging roots again. It wouldn't be very lively like the time when I do my picture posting spree in the past because I am forced to spend more time doing assignments and entertaining my friends. But thanks for being patient in me - you will see more blogging from me, not to say that I can do it every day but depending on my mood.

Oh yeah, baby, let's get starting!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wallie Tag

Wallpaper tagged by cousin, Liweny.

Oh lolz Miku again =D

And now I tag anyone who wants to show some AWESOME wallies! xP
(Keep me informed if you do so, ya?)

Sorry for ignoring my blog for a very long time. I know it's been pretty 'windy' around here, I've been quite lazy to update lately >__<" Maybe one day I will start back my blogging spree, who knows? =3

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Phone at a Price

If only I get to buy a normal iPhone in the first place.

All I've always dreamed of is upgrading my old Nokia 1600 hand phone to a better one.

All I just wanted is a decent hand phone with a good camera for my blogging.

A week ago, my mum has promised me to get me a new one for my birthday on June.

Sadly, that won't be the case.

Just recently, Mum was horrified by the news about my cousin. From what I have heard from her, my cousin became the latest mugging victim a few days ago.

He was on his way back home from a nearby train station when he was surrounded by a few Malay boys. I wouldn't know if they are school boys or not. What I know is, they demanded money from him and he told them he ain't have any with him.

And what would they do when their demands are not met? They resort to violence. They pinned him on the floor, and he fractured his arm when he fell. They punched him and kicked him. In the end, what they need isn't money. They just want the pleasure of causing hurt and pain on him and they wouldn't let him go.

If it wasn't for a good Samaritan who happen to pass by the scene, my cousin would be injured even more badly. Those boys may have fled, but I know they will prey on more victims in the near future.

As of now, my cousin's arm is on a sling. He's okay now, and this would surely be an incident that he will never forget.

And as of now, Mum was so scared that this event would happen to me too. It looks like I won't get the phone that I dream of now...

The next two years, she said. The next two years...